12 Tips on How to Plan for a Successful 2017

I don’t need to be the one to tell you this but I will just in case…


…if you truly want 2017 to be a successful year you must have an established plan.


So where do you begin, how do you create momentum, and how to stay consistent?


Here are 12 ways to make 2017 your most successful year yet!


Step One: Know your numbers! Get clear on exactly how much money you want to make in 2017. And I mean the EXACT number. Too often I hear things like; “Oh I want to make six figures.” You need to be more specific than that. Give me the exact number $565,754.35 ← like THAT EXACT!
Also, by when? By what date do you want to make this kind of money? Of course be realistic but be more exact than anything else!


Step Two: Why do you want to make this kind of money? When you know why you want to make this kind of money you will be able to get even more laser focused AND stay motivated to do so. Again, when we just throw things out there like “I would love to one day buy that car.” or “One day I will travel to ______.” We need to get SUPER specific and know why.


As you define things more clearly they will most certainly come to be.


Step Three: Start with your biggest project first!


Step Four: Plan for your downtime – vacations! Yes this is actually not so obvious but so very important.


Step Five: Take a year calendar and insert your launches. I would say 4 at the most.


Step Six: Take that same calendar and insert your freemiums that will support your launch. This should be anywhere from 3-6 weeks out from your launch.


Step Seven: Now insert any special offerings you will have throughout the year. Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday or maybe you want to have a 50% off to celebrate your birthday – add those in as well. Be sure to add any affiliate marketing you want to do as well.


Step Eight: Now that you have everything planned, chop this into smaller frameworks. Starting with Q1. Take Q1 and look at what you’re launching between freemiums and actually product launches and write out everything that needs to get done:

  • Emails
  • Social media
  • Graphics
  • E-commerce links
  • Etc

Then either delegate who will do what when or if you’re solo right now decide what is most important and when it will be accomplished by.


Step Nine: Start with the most important task first. You want to get as much done prior to the launch as possible. Working in 2-week sprints tackling the most important to the least important efficiently and accurately. You want to leave room for last minute changes and adjustments to things like graphics or copy. Rinse and repeat this system every quarter or with each launch.


Step Ten: Create a content calendar. Come up with 12 themes for the entire year and then come up with 4 subtopics under those themes you can write about, go LIVE with, and or email your list about.


Step Eleven: Consider theming your days. Choose what you will focus on each day of the week. Friday is content day for me. Monday is administrative and Tuesday, Weds, Thurs, is coaching. Theming your days can be super helpful when it comes to productivity.


Step Twelve: Delegate. There comes a time in all of our businesses when we have to divide and conquer. We can’t do everything on our own. There are some amazing VA’s out there doing incredible work. Start there and then go into more in depth team building. Launch specialist, Facebook Strategist, etc.



Step Thirteen: Find a community of like minded people. Going entrepreneurship alone is not something I recommend. We need people, people who get what it is we do as online coaches and consultants. We need smart, savvy, go getters who will encourage and support us along the way. This alone will change your business. Check out my Go Getters Mentorship for a powerful sisterhood of female coaches and consultants.


Step Fourteen: Hire a coach! Coaching is a must, especially if you’re just building or trying to grow. I tried these shenanigans for years on my own and in all honesty it probably was my biggest mistake in my business to date. Coaching accelerates your outcomes. You will grow faster and your confidence will enhance as a result. I am currently taking 1:1 clients as well as mentorship members… don’t delay as Go Getters starts Jan 9th and my 1:1 spots tend to fill up quickly.


Step Fifteen: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. You must believe you are possible first otherwise all these systems and strategies will never work. You will constantly find yourself on the perpetual hamster wheel of inaction. When we go to play bigger our ego jumps in and holds us down, keeping us stuck, confused, and completely overwhelmed. Again, this is something coaching will help you through!


Your success is truly up to you. It all comes down to the choices you make. Make 2017 an awesome year by making choices that will support you, not hold you down.


You are more powerful than you may think. Sometimes it takes being supported to truly embrace that. Once you give yourself permission to fully embrace your full potential, get the support from a community of like minded women, and the knowledge and experience from a coach, you will be all set to succeed!


I would love to help you; schedule a call and let’s talk about how to make 2017 a success for you! Click here to pick the best time and day for you.


To Your Success,