27 Things That Worked *Really Well* For My Business In My Rookie Year

If you’re somewhat new to this entrepreneurial space of the online world – first of all – WELCOME and secondly, I want to ensure you don’t make those typical rookie mistakes.

I got your back girl 😉

Here are 27 things that worked *REALLY WELL* for my business in my rookie year.

  1. Identifying my special something – something – a.k.a my Unique Value Proposition. No one wants to feel like everyone else. Especially in the crowded online space – get your own voice and color it with all that makes you AWESOME!
  2. Gave myself permission to GO FOR IT – those mindset gremlins holding you back are doing NADA for you my friend. If you want to crush this biz life, you have to do the mindset work ASAP and continuously.
  3. Got the whole family onboard that I am no longer a “Stay-at-home” mom and everyone needs to chip in ASAP! That was a hard transition.
  4. Got an LLC for my business – that was also empowering, I felt super legit!
  5. Spent more time walking my dog – yup, getting the hell out of my office really helped to supercharge my creativity and Riley of course LOVED IT #winwin
  6. Created a content planning strategy – holy what was I waiting for? Something that kept me up at night became a pleasure – yes you read that correctly, I actually enjoy creating content.
  7. Hired a business coach, which helped me stop strategy switching – became focused and fierce and wouldn’t ya know it – clients came with ease!
  8. Got myself out there consistently with content, challenges, and offers. Did you know one of the biggest mistakes service based providers are making is not selling enough? #trustory
  9. Hired a VA and now she is literally my boss!! (LOL)
  10. Took a course to enhance my overall performance, which helped me implement better systems and strategies around time management… I never work on the weekends anymore and I make 12x more in revenue!
  11. Got in alignment with my offer, which created incredible momentum in terms of visibility and messaging – there is something magical that happens when you’re in full alignment.
  12. Went to conferences for entrepreneurial women. It’s pretty powerful what happens when you retreat from the daily grind and surround yourself with powerful women.
  13. Read my head off and still do   I strongly suggest before bed you don’t read anything professional development, it can actually keep you up at night.
  14. Hired a lawyer to create legit contracts – wow that was pretty frigging empowering – bye bye legal zoom.
  15. Hired an accountant and not gonna lie… almost fell off the chair when I heard our tax bill.
  16. Fired said accountant because he made HUGE mistakes in the realm of $55k – talk about panic attack – oy vey.
  17. Hired new online business savvy accountant – and we actually got some money back – THANK YOU DEAR LORD ABOVE!
  18. Redid my office and absolutely love walking into it all week – it was time to stop using my son’s old desk and the yellow walls were making me look puke green on video – yeah, it was time!
  19. Took up tennis with my husband to prepare as we become empty nesters – how is this happening so fast?
  20. Got a new mattress because our old one was keeping me up at night and breaking my back.
  21. Became a Stitch Fix customer – I love getting that box. You may not know this about me, but I loath shopping.
  22. Raised my prices significantly after working with hundreds of people and giving all I gave – I am a VERY accessible coach – I realized my prices were way love. I was charging like I was running a 5 Below Store… it was time.
  23. Upgraded my payment gateway – woocommerce is amazing especially coming off of the limited options of paypal.
  24. Stopped following every online guru that were “crushing it” and only followed a chosen few that I highly respected.
  25. Created a separate email account for those online gurus I respected so that I could choose when I was available to consume their content. I also studied their email structure, subject lines, and anything that made me go “ooh, I like that.” I didn’t copy, but I definitely learned and made it my own.
  26. Created swipe files for Facebook ads, subject lines, headlines, and anything that caught my attention.
  27. Started having more fun in and with my business. I asked, almost daily, “How can I make this more fun?” and I was surprised how that one simple question helped me to come back into my high vibe energy.


And just in case you were wondering, here’s where I majorly BOMBED:

  1. My first attempt in selling my 1:1 coaching program was quite successful. I was so excited I decided to create and sell 8 different coaching programs… I told you I was strategy switching. You may not be shocked to learn I barely sold anything.
  2. I spent, on average, 14 hours a day in my office 7-days per week with very little return on my efforts, hence why I mastered systems and strategies before trying to get more clients.
  3. NO PLANNING GAME what-so-ever! I literally was throwing things at the wall hoping something – ANYTHING – would stick and I would hit my stride. It just doesn’t work that way.


And here is how I am continuing to grow…

  1. I invested in a copywriting coach/course – which I am so excited about and learning a ton. Not because I want to become a famous copywriter, but I am all about perfecting skills and this is one we all use as marketers.
  2. I hired a Pinterest professional because I know the importance of using platforms that have SEO – using keywords and specific analytics to drive the right traffic is so important. Hashtags are fun and all, but if you want to up your game, learn more about SEO 😉
  3. I am doing Yoga – who am I? I swear, I have tried Yoga over and over and every time – blah – put me under that barbell – please! But, my gym offers a variety of Hot Yoga classes that mix cardio and weights – I am sure a true Yogi would say “That’s not yoga!” – but for me, it works and I am really loving it. It helps me stop, breathe, and actually stretch while sweating my arse off #winning.


Listen… building a business takes grit – it is not for the faint of heart. You’re going to do LOTS of great things and some – well, not so great.

The entrepreneurial lessons are endless.

Out of everything I shared with you, the most important thing I learned is YOU MUST HAVE SUPPORT.

Without this crew:

I honestly don’t know where I would be. My guys have seriously helped me in so many ways. Make sure you have that same support.

And, here’s the thing, it may not come directly from family – not everyone “gets it” so be sure to plug yourself into people who do – coaches, masterminds etc.

You deserve that!

Big Love,

Mare, xo

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