How to Build a Successful Coaching Business

If you want to be an elite coach who truly makes an impact, it’s critical that you know what sets you apart from the rest. In this blog, I give you the three critical components to uncover your coaching superpowers.

This is the same exact blueprint I’ve used with hundreds of clients to help them build successful online businesses and become the go-to coaches in their niche. It requires getting back to YOU – your ESSENTIAL SELF.

I am also including THE ESSENTIAL SELF AUDIT because let’s be honest, if you don’t know how to uncover your essential self you will never reveal your coaching superpowers. Be sure to download the workbook, but first…

Let’s dive in.

Step one: It is critical that you know who you are. What fires you up, girl? What are you so passionate about? And honestly ask yourself what kind of an impact do you actually want to make? Knowing this will allow you to tap into your innate abilities, which is so important to help you stay motivated and really bring your special something something into this world. So, you must know who you are.

Step two: Know what you are really good at it. You know that thing that your friends and your family always say? “Gosh, you are so good at this. Where did you learn this from?” It’s that. It’s those special gifts and talents that, as coaches, we need to bring that into our business, and the coaches who do tend to rise to the top as the elite coaches. So, what have you always been really good at?

Step three: Know what you can help someone with right now. What can you fix? What can you help people to take them from pain island into pleasure island? When you know who you are, and you know what your special gifts and talents are, and you know what you can help somebody with, then you ask that critical question. Who am I meant to serve? When you know who you’re meant to serve, you can then hone into your craft and bring your special something something into this world with complete confidence. Then, your coaching superpowers will shine, and you will successfully build an online coaching business.

Okay, so now you know the three steps to build a successful coaching business. But, how do you do this in a way to ensure that you’re staying in full alignment with who you are and who you serve?

I got you covered. I’ve put together an essential self-audit, which covers seven critical questions to uncover your coaching superpowers and who you can best serve. You can grab it here.

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