6-Ways To Combat Creative Fatigue

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As an entrepreneur for the past 7-years, I totally can relate to creative fatigue. There are a lot of things we entrepreneurs need to address on a daily basis. We are the accountant, the copywriter, the graphic designer, the inspirer, and the assistant of all things business.

The struggle is real and of course so much fun, why the hell we would be doing it if it wasn’t?!

There were days when I thought my head was going to explode. I had so much I wanted to convey to my followers, but yet so many other important tasks I had to address – oh – and of course coach clients! I needed energy to inspire and support my people. Energy can get extremely tapped out and for me, I knew something had to give. After a while you can’t keep spinning your wheels and trying to be everything for everyone and for your business… your balance gets entirely thrown off.

The good news is, we can always try something different. Your day may look completely different then mine, in terms of responsibilities both professionally and personally. But, the one thing that remains the same for us all is the need for systems in place to run a thriving business all while maintaining balance. Without balance, creative fatigue is a given.


Without balance, creative fatigue is a given. Click To Tweet


My turn around came when I saw how detrimental my working habits were to my business and my life. There were many 15+ hour days – this is totally ridiculous and I highly do not recommend this. We can fall victim to the mindset of doing more equals achieving more, this is so not the case. In fact, I would argue it is the complete opposite. My work, which I am so passionate about and love to do, started to not be fun anymore. Time after time, I would go to write and nothing came to be. I was over working thinking it would help my business thrive, but in the end it was extremely detrimental. 


We can fall victim to the mindset of doing more equals achieving more, this is so not the case. Click To Tweet


I decided a change was needed. I wanted to keep my energy high and my creative side fresh so I implemented a few steps that did my mind, body, and business good! Here are the 6-ways I combat creative fatigue and live with balance in my life and business:

  1. Block time: I discovered that I do best in the morning. From 6:30-11am I find my sweet spot for all things creative. To honor that, I start by shutting everything else off and I create a plan for my day. I focus on my blogs, social media posts, and special projects. I fit in 15-30 minutes breaks during this time. I try to never work more than 2-hours straight. Even a simple 10-minute walk can do wonders to re-charge your creative battery. Discover the time of day that works best for you and set aside time during those hours to tap into your creative spirit.

  2. Read: Whether it is a book, magazine, or a blog from someone you love to follow, reading can spark a thought which can spark your next great blog. I try to read daily and I find when I take this time I always walk away with something to think about. I know, if something gets me thinking, that is something I want to talk about. I never copy, but if something is so good and I feel there is no way to say it better, I say it as written and give credit where credit it due. So grab that book you have been wanting to read and be inspired!

  3. Keep notes: I love my iPhone notebook. I use it daily. Let’s be real, we have a ton of things on our mind, when you get a thought you better write it down or within 5-minutes it may be gone for good. Simple one-line reminders will help you remember that amazing idea. This will help keep your creative side fresh as you have a ton of ideas waiting to be born. This has saved my creativity and my blog. 🙂

  4. Be quiet: Yes, seriously stop talking! Stop thinking. Stop looking. Stop the noise! This could be the best strategy out of all of them. We are engulfed with noise from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. How do we expect to get our thoughts straight? By sitting still, in complete silence, you will be amazed at what comes to you. I have sat still and silent, simply listening to my breath, for more than 30-minutes at times. Giving my brain a break daily, whether 5, 10, or 30+ minutes has been incredibly beneficial to my creative work. Of course keep a journal near by, when you are done write in a stream of consciousness – you will be amazed.

  5. Pay attention to your conversations: Throughout your day, as you come in contact with people; family, friends, and even strangers, pay very close attention to your conversations. These conversations have a bundle of creative gifts within. I have walked away from conversations and taken out my iPhone and wrote “How NOT to play the victim” after hearing a stranger complain about waiting in a line. Conversations with my 14-year old son have triggered some of my greatest post and blogs – I love hearing different perspectives on life from various age groups, gets me thinking. So, yes, make every conversation count, you simply never know what creative gem it can hold.

  6. Journal: I mentioned this before, under being quiet. Journaling has endless benefits when it comes to beating creative fatigue. For one, you have a bunch of stories in one notebook that you can go back and reference. Secondly, it allows you to clear your mind leaving you room for clarity and creativity. Finally, when you cleanse your thoughts, you can also see where maybe you need to make some adjustments to find even more balance in your life. It is simply an over-all healthy practice for the mind, body, and soul.

If you are struggling with creative fatigue there is an imbalance in your current daily system or lack there of. Maybe you need to implement all of the above or maybe just one or two will do. But, in order to maintain your creative flow, balance in all things business and life will be imperative. Block time and meditation are the best places to start and in fact will aid in all of the different ways to combat your creative fatigue.


I always suggest starting with one small change and building from there.


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