7-Fixes To Be A Successful Novice Online Entreprenuer

You have that jaw-dropping , slap yo momma kind of idea, you tell all your peers, friends, and family they all frigging love it. But why doesn’t anyone else? Why can’t you seem to make a sale?


Sound familiar?


as entrepreneurs we have all fallen short when it comes to products sales once or twice. Click To Tweet



Of course it sounds familiar, it’s you, it’s me, it is every entrepreneur that every walked this planet. We have all fallen short when it comes to product sales once or twice.



I know firsthand how frustrating this can be. It is hard to put yourself out there and pray that the people will come. Not to mention, putting yourself out their in front of all the other people, your peers who are “doing it”.


It's hard to put yourself out there and pray that people will come and buy. Click To Tweet



I had great ideas… I mean REALLY great ideas; I just didn’t know what to do with them. I also didn’t know how to find people to sell them to. So, like you, I created great products, tried to sell them, but could barely squeak out more than 5 sales. For me, it came down to this; I had to stop trying to sell and start building relationships.


You have to stop selling and start building relationships. Click To Tweet



So, here’s the deal, let’s take a step back and take a long hard look at where you are spending your energy. It is where you spend your energy that will either make or break your business. If you are too busy creating awesome products and not busy enough creating awesome content around that product…that’s a problem. We can’t just throw up a product, even if it’s a jaw-dropping, slap yo momma kind of program. You need to know your message, who you are talking to, and create a culture around your brand. You must build your tribe first. This is one of the greatest mistakes you are making with your online business. You are putting the cart before the horse… literally!


If you are too busy creating awesome products and not busy enough creating awesome content around that product…that’s a problem. Click To Tweet



Here are 7-fixes to help you get more clear in your brand and start building relationships before you attempt to sell:

  1. Write a mission statement: This may be as important as your business plan. This will outline for you, and your potential customer exactly what the goals of your business are. It will describe your philosophy around these goals, making you a well-defined business. Your mission statement will be the driver in every decision you make for your business. If you don’t have one, create one now! Make it a jaw-dropper. Be emotionally inspired and connected to it. Here are four questions that will help you formulate your very own mission statement:
    1. What do you do?
    2. Who do you do it for (your perfect client)?
    3. How do you do it?
    4. What problem do you solve?
  2. Define your core values – Your core values will be the foundation in which you operate your business. They will keep you focused and help ensure you honor the mission of your company. Name 3-5 core values that you will instill in your business.
  3. Mean what you saysay what you mean: Your message is critical. Once you have your mission statement and your core values in place speaking and writing should roll off your tongue. Be authentically you. If you are trying to educate on something you don’t enjoy or truly don’t know about – people will see right through you. Your message is within you. Your story, your experiences, your education… that is your message, don’t make this overly complicated. Remember, you are an ass kicker all you need to do is do YOU!
  4. Be consistent: You have to remember, most of the people who are finding you online, don’t know you – hell you may not know me – but we’re having so much fun that you will definitely come back 😉 When you come back and there is nothing new for you to read, you’re going to be devastated. So, I need to be consistent and constantly have something new, informative, entertaining, and jaw-dropping for you to read. Consistency builds trust, trust builds relationships, relationships lead to sales… are you seeing the whole picture here? Be consistent.
  5. Get Social: If you’re not on social media, you are not an online entrepreneur. Seriously! You need to have some form of social media platforms in place. Facebook is one of the top, with over 1.5 billions users, all of which happen to sign on 5x per day on average. So, if you are not on Facebook you are missing a serious relationship builder. Here are some other social media platforms you need to explore:
    1. Twitter – Quick 140 character message. Similar to a text messages.
    2. Instagram – Great place to share awesome eye catching graphics, inspirational quotes, lifestyle pictures, food porn, and other pictures that show off your quirks. Let people get to know the person behind the brand – SUPER important for building relationships.
    3. Pinterests – Great for people who are running a business in such industries like clothing or home furnishings. But, it is also a great place to attract your ideal client. This may be where they are shopping and hanging out. Create a page and add boards that represent your brand, share your blogs, your favorite things. Again, let people get to know you, not just your business.
    4. Periscope – The newest platform that is the ultimate tool in real time conversations with your people. Using your smart phone, you can engage in a live video chat with your clients and show them what you are up to. Share a workout. Take them food shopping and teach them healthy tips. You name it, Periscope is making it possible. Stay tuned – live streaming is becoming all the rage!
  6. Email marketing: This is where the magic happens. If you have the ability to get someone’s name and email, you have what we consider a “warm” client. So, you know the saying “get em while their hot!” same holds true with email marketing. YOU MUST nurture the hell out of your email list. Give them your VERY BEST stuff. Give and then give some more. If you are in the fitness industry give them free workouts, meal plans, supplement guides. Give away your best stuff. WHY? Because they don’t know you and when they see how awesome and generous… and impeccably genius you are, well my friend, this is when they will want to buy. Your email list should be treated like kings and queens. Consistency is key here as well as the copy (text).
  7. The final and probably the most important thing….BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If you don’t believe being a successful entrepreneur is possible why the hell would you expect someone else to? Be that ass kicker. Own your space. Put out great content… consistently! Know that what you have to offer your people is like none-other. You are dynamic and they NEED YOU! Yes, they need you. They also need your products, but they need you first. Let them get to know you. Share some personal stories – this is the best way to get to know people. Once you believe in YOU ~ trust me, your message will be heard and valued! 


7-fixes to help you get more clear in your brand and start building relationships before you attempt to sell. Click To Tweet



So, if you keep trying to sell before you have warm and friendly relationships, this may be why your online business is failing. You may need to go back to basics to get a clearer vision on who you are in the online space. Yes, your business is important, but that comes next. You have to show up. You have to build that trust. You have to consistently give away your best stuff so that people will get to know who you are and be drawn to you and want more. Selling a product comes way later. 



Do it this way, and you will stop the frustration and start enjoying the online space all while making money!



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