7 Steps to Creating a Killer Post

We all want our social media posts to kill it.


High engagement and how about a private message like, “Oh your post on XYZ really made me think, I would love to work with you!” Those are the best.


We put a lot of time and effort into what we do, so of course we do it with a purpose.


But are you doing it in a way that it fulfills that purpose?


Are you positioning yourself as the expert to the point that people are bored or worse, feel as if they don’t know you as a person?


No one wants to be preached to. In fact, I would say people simply want to be heard and understood. The best way to craft a killer post is to come from that “she gets me” place and here are 7 steps to make that happen:

  1. Be the expert with flavor! What do I mean by that? Come with your knowledge, facts, stats, and experience all through your colorful stories. People want to know you more than anything else. They don’t just want to hear what you’ve accomplished – they probably want to accomplish that too – tell them how. Add in the struggles, the small and big wins, and how it made you feel – all of it. Add your special touch and allow your people to learn from an expert that get’s them. It’s like the about page on your website, it’s about you but it’s really about your reader.


  1. Bring it down a notch! If you’re posting things like, “I made $80k again this month – just another typical day!” How will you ever be relatable to your people who are rubbing two pennies together just to pay Aweber this month? No matter how successful we become we always want to remember where we came from. This stuff can be really hard for your people so you always want to come from a place of inspiration. Give them the hope they need through your experience, but please keep it real.


  1. Know who you are! The best way to keep things real and relatable is to know who you are. Your core values, the stories of your past that make you unique and exceptional. We never want to come too far away from our roots. The more connected you stay to who you are at your core the more people are going to feel as if they know you… and they will. There is no one like you, bring that into your messaging.


  1. Let people love you up! The more you know who you are the more you can bring authenticity to the connections you make with your followers. What is endearing about you? Maybe you have fought your way to the top and never gave up hope even though every single odd was against you. Share that with complete vulnerability, let people fall in love with the inspiring side of you. Not sure you have those types of stories? Ask the people who have been a witness to your life thus far and you may be blown away. We tend to belittle our greatness, while others hold us in complete awe. If you’re struggling to pull out the stories, ask those who know you best.


  1. Confidence is a must! Nobody wants to seek help from a coach who isn’t sure of themselves… would you? Of course not, we seek coaches to help us with confidence in our businesses. So, your posts need to portray killer confidence. You can waiver behind the scenes; self doubt, fear, all the what-if’s, but when you’re front and center stand tall, through those shoulders back and own it. You may have to fake it until you make it, and that’s fine, but when you’re out there marketing your brand you have to be in your power. There is really no other way around that.


  1. Be for realzzz! There is a fine line between copying and writing about something someone else has also written about. Let’s be real, is there really any new material, isn’t everything recycled stuff? Of course, but bring your special something-something to it. There is never a reason to be an outright copycat. But, I also don’t want you to NOT write about something because someone else did. No one owns words (well unless they’re trademarked, another topic). This is where the confidence comes in and knowing who you are as a person and a coach. Bring your special input by being real… by being you!


  1. Be a stand out! We all have something that is unique about our stories. For instance, my love for coaching online business came from me voluntarily helping my business coach coach her year long business club girls. As a result my business coach hired me to help her coach her girls ongoing. We’ve been coaching for over 2 years together. There is a whole lot more to that story but I don’t know a lot of people whose coaches have hired them to help them coach – do you? So what stories make you unique? Who we are, the experiences we’ve had, and the stories that have evolved as a result make us exceptional. These are the elements we need to weave into our messaging to make our posts a stand out. Bring those unique details to your posts to make people connect on a deeper level and want more from you.


Killer posts don’t need crazy shock factors or insane numbers to make people go “WHAT?” or comment, like, and share… absolutely not! Killer posts have a sprinkle of these 7 steps. I guess I should also state that a killer post is all relative right? What is your goal with your post? To me it is always to move my client with emotion and action. These 7 steps are the best way to do that.


To Your Success,

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