Are You Strangling Your Business?

You started a business and now it’s on!




You feel the pressure from the inside out. The level of stress you’re under is all consuming and in reality you’re setting yourself up for the perfect storm. It goes something like this….


• You start a business
• You create a program or two
• And over and over you think… “I really need to sell my programs ASAP!’
• You start to consume yourself with that thought “I must sell” and you begin thinking you must busy yourself with doing everything and anything to find clients and sell.
• You believe, “If I don’t sell I can’t invest in myself.” You won’t touch your savings because that would be “borrowing” money (so you think). As if it’s not your money, it’s the family’s money.
• And slowly but surely you start to strangle your business by doing everything at a break necking pace, stretching yourself thin, straining your relationships and none of it feels good.
• You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and the whole experience is a pathetic mess.


This my friend is what the thought, “I don’t have enough money” will do to you and your business.


Oh and by the way, when you want money a.k.a “I want more money” you’re simply telling your subconscious that you don’t have it and by continuing to want it you’re continuing to not have it.


I know – It’s a vicious cycle!


You must claim money, believe in it, and energetically nurture it and it’s not done by hustling or doing. I know I know, that is all we’ve been taught, but it’s just not true.


When I take my clients down the “lack of” money belief road they are amazed at how they’ve actually believed they don’t have money but the reality is they do!


But there’s a step-by-step process to get there and for many it doesn’t happen overnight. For many, going through the process of growing their business in a frenzied desperate way actually is their greatest life lesson… it was for me!


I invite you to learn a better way. You can actually accomplish your deepest desires, financial and all, without the hustle, without the fear, without the beliefs you don’t have the money to make it happen. You have all you need right now to truly go for it, you simply need to believe it.


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If you could imagine having a positive outlook on money right now, how would that change your business? If you actually believed, money is coming to you in abundance, how would you be showing up in the world? What if you believed clients came to you with ease and they are dream clients who love you and you love them? What if your money beliefs were positive and you simply had faith that the work you do DOES pay off and clients and money keep coming to you over and over without stretching yourself and stressing every aspect of your life?


How would your business be different? How would your life be different?


If you’re a Go Getter, you know there is no other way to live but to go for it – to make your dreams a reality. But you also know that in order to make that happen it doesn’t require you to feel strangled by your business, it simply requires a belief of “I AM POSSIBLE” and then consistent action that produces the greatest outcomes.


Money mindset struggles are no joke and if you’re struggling to invest in yourself and your business, we most certainly need to talk! Click here to check out all that Go Getters will offer you, apply, or book a call and let’s ensure Go Getters is the perfect fit for you.



To Your Success!
Maryalice, xo

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