Being Vulnerable With Boundaries Is Key To Quality Relationships.

We all hear it and I’m sure many of us say it; “Be vulnerable with your people; it’s the best way to resonate and build that know, like, and trust.”


And yes, I would agree, but – we need to draw a line people… seriously, your followers don’t want to hear about what you’re struggling with – they want you to help them with theirs.


With that said, I am not suggesting we fake like our life is perfect and that we never have any issues.


No one has the perfect life.

What I am saying is whatever it is you’re struggling with right now means that you haven’t figured it out 100%, you haven’t fully received the lesson yet and therefore you should respect your process and those you serve.


As coaches our role is to elevate, inspire, and breed hope. If we’re dragging people down with our own junk that’s not being vulnerable, that’s showing up as weak and in some cases desperate… not the best look for a coach – just saying!


So, don’t let the lines of communication get blurred. We all know life is not perfect but that doesn’t mean we should be sharing every life event that happens with our people. Sometimes it’s best to get through it, learn the lesson, and share from a place of gratitude versus anguish.


If we really want to build the know, like, and trust and show up as an expert to our people, healthy boundaries are a must.


To Your Success,

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