Are You Strangling Your Business?

You started a business and now it’s on!   That feeling of “I WANT TO MAKE MONEY ASAP OR ELSE?”   You feel the pressure from the inside out. The level of stress you’re under is all consuming and in reality you’re setting yourself up for the perfect storm. It goes something like this….   • You start a business … Read More

Where Are The Red Flags In Your Business?

My Father always said in order to be the best (at anything you do), you must be an “Ass Kicker”. What he meant is you can’t let anything hold you back… let nothing get in your way.   Easier said than done though – right?   Success, accomplishments, money – even for some, fame!  We want it… WE WANT IT … Read More

How’s That Client Hustle Working For Ya?

If everyday you’re waking up (or worse yet, not able to fall asleep) wondering how you will find clients, you’re in the throws of the client hustle… like it or not.   You can’t get your mind off of how you will keep this schedule up.   You go over and over in your mind how you will pay for … Read More

I Know I Need a Coach But Where Do I Even Begin to Find One?

Hiring a coach to help you level up in your business is a serious decision. This is definitely not something you should take lightly.   Making an investment in your business means you’re allowing yourself to believe your business is possible and no matter what you’re going for it.   You’re not messing around.   So, why would you make … Read More

How to Make Your Followers Swoon Over You

If you’re building or maintaining an online business, one of your top priorities is your audience.   On any given day you think: >How do I increase my followers? >How do I give them awesome content? >How do I turn my followers into paying clients?   It’s a process that involves clarity, consistency, and connections.   Let’s talk clarity…   … Read More

Being Vulnerable With Boundaries Is Key To Quality Relationships.

We all hear it and I’m sure many of us say it; “Be vulnerable with your people; it’s the best way to resonate and build that know, like, and trust.”   And yes, I would agree, but – we need to draw a line people… seriously, your followers don’t want to hear about what you’re struggling with – they want … Read More

How to Avoid Being a “me too” Business

When it comes to our message we can often fall victim to feeling as if we don’t have the right to speak on a certain topic because ‘so and so’ already covered it.   After all, we don’t ever want to copy or try to be like someone else when we’re trying to be a stand out in our niche, … Read More

7 Steps to Creating a Killer Post

We all want our social media posts to kill it.   High engagement and how about a private message like, “Oh your post on XYZ really made me think, I would love to work with you!” Those are the best.   We put a lot of time and effort into what we do, so of course we do it with … Read More

How To Make Every Client Feel Like Your Only One

As coaches it is our role to make our clients feel supported. We are their go-to people who will assist them in reaching their fullest potential.   It’s serious shoes to fill for sure!   But how can we make every client feel like they’re our only ones? Between coaching calls, emails, editing copy on sales pages, websites, Facebook ads … Read More

Discover Who You’re Truly Meant To Serve

Ahh this is a hot topic for sure.   I desperately wanted to be for everyone. I didn’t want to turn anyone away when it came to coaching and for awhile I didn’t.   But what I quickly learned was the clients I was truly meant for weren’t getting my best because my not so ideal clients were sucking the … Read More