How a VIP Business Intensive Made Me $24k in Less Than a Week

Ever take a leap of faith and dive in completely clueless as to where the chips may fall?   Well in June I was invited to a VIP business intensive. I was reluctant as I didn’t really know the coach running it, but at the same time, I was shopping for a coach… one of those ‘what do I have … Read More

Coaches, Do You Know How To Run Your Business?

Do you remember the moment you decided that coaching was your calling?   You sat there thinking of all the ways you were going to impact the world by helping other people live out their dreams.   Maybe you thought about the way this will impact yourself and your very own family.   Whatever it was that made you go … Read More

What Comes Naturally Doesn’t Necessarily Come Easily

Ahh, for those of you who have given birth you know exactly what I am talking about.   There is truly nothing easy about birthing a child, yet EVERYONE and their mother talks about the body’s “natural” ability to become pregnant, nurture an unborn child, and then push that baby out of a 10 centimeter vagina!   REALLY?! How did … Read More

With A Community Of Women Behind You Anything Is Possible

I could remember when I decided to take my business online.   I was excited.   Nervous.   And I quickly realized, pretty damn lonely.   I love hanging out with people. I love hearing stories, supporting people, and simply enjoying a good laugh.   Laptop’s simply don’t give you the same experience as a human connection does.   I … Read More

Proven Goal Achievement Strategy!

Take a deep breath… missing goals may not be the worst thing after all.   I know that may sound crazy coming from a business coach, but I truly mean that.   Not every goal you set is meant to be achieved… in fact there are some goals that should never be made as they are simply not aligned with … Read More

People Need You

I remember when I took on my first nutrition and fitness client, I was OVER the moon excited.   Like, yes someone knows I exist.   Someone likes what I’m offer and they trust me to give it to them.   Ahh, it was the best feeling in the world.   As I worked with this woman more and more … Read More

3 Important Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship With Your Followers

Relationships are tricky, exciting, frustrating, energizing.   There are so many aspects to a relationship.   Some fail before they even had a chance.   Some exceed people’s wildest dreams.   While others seem to go day in and day out just existing…   We definitely do not want that now do we?   So, what makes relationships flourish? You … Read More

My 5 Ways To Sell More Confidently

Do you love what you do and want to do more of it?   As coaches of course we love what we do.   We chose this career path and we give it everything we have on a daily basis.   We inspire, educate, and help bring people to their very best self.   We’re pretty amazing, if I do say … Read More