Coaching Motivation On How To Build A 6-Figure Coaching Year

When I started my coaching business back in September of 2015, I didn’t expect my business to take off for quite some time.

According to what every online guru was saying, it was going to take years. But to my pleasant surprise, I was actually able to build a 6-figure online coaching business in less than 6-months.

  • I grew my business to a consistent five figures in months.
  • I built out an amazing team of support.
  • I had the most amazing clients that I absolutely love and…
  • I had more time than I actually knew what to do with.

But… for a long time I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to my business. I was completely clueless.

Over the last four years, I created my very own 2-part formula on how to plan and strategize as the CEO of my business in order to smash my goals. This is the exact formula I’m going to share with you today. I’ve also included The 6-Figure Client Map: How To Plan a Successful 6-Figure Coaching Year which has become my go-to resource for following this exact formula!


PART ONE: CEO Number Tracking System To Success.

STEP ONE: You must know your numbers.

  1. How much money do you want to make?
  2. How many clients will that require?
  3. How much time will this actually take from your life in order to make this happen?

I see over and over, coach after coach saying they want to make $100k but they have no strategy on how or what it will take.

Therefore, it seems extremely overwhelming before they even get started, but what if you broke this up into 4-quarters and divided it amongst what you offer as a coach – like the grid below?(This is part of the 6-Figure Client Map download below)

See that with 2-programs – 1:1/90-day at $2500 and a 6-month program at $5k AND you only need 40.5 hours per quarter, 30 clients in a year… making $100k doesn’t seem so impossible after all.


STEP TWO: Track Your Numbers.

  • What are your expenses, both personal and professional?
  • What are your revenue streams?
  • What is the purpose of your money?
  • Forecast the following months.

Keeping track of these numbers will help you step into your role as the CEO of your business, allowing you to have ongoing data of what is working and what potentially may not be working. It will also help you create seasons in your business… when is it time to hustle and when is it time to create that downtime in your business, and really enjoy the flow of what you’ve created?



  1. Create separate goals for each of the four quarters. These should be specific and measurable.
  2. Break those quarterly goals into 90 day increments. This is going to help you keep focus on the smaller picture, removing that overwhelm that tends to creep in and allowing you to see the endless possibilities.
  3. Take those 90 day goals and break them into 2- week increments. What is your main focus, for just two weeks? This will help you stay hyper focused on the tasks at hand… bye bye shiny squirrel!


PART TWO of the 6-Figure Client Map Your Money Mindset

Most entrepreneurs feel their struggle to make consistent income comes from something missing in their strategy.

I too thought this until I discovered the truth, and as you may know, I’m all about giving my people the facts, so here it goes.

If you too are struggling with consistent clients and cash, it could very well be that your money mindset is in the dumps.

And if you want to be a successful online coach, working on your money mindset is a non negotiable. Here are the steps I took to go from $12k per year to 6-figures in less than 6-months.


STEP ONE: I started with tracking my numbers.

Now, if you go back to step two in part one of the CEO number tracking system, you could take all of those different areas:

  • Your expenses, both personal and professional.
  • Your revenue streams.
  • Your purpose for your money.
  • Your forecasting.

And start tracking them monthly. I simply put this in an excel spreadsheet, mapped it out by 12 months, reviewed it at the end of the month and forecasted for the next month.

Business growth and money mindset game-changer right there!


STEP TWO: Look at your bank account daily.

Let’s keep this simple. You just need to get in touch with your numbers. It’s important to see the flow of what’s coming in and what’s going out.

Do not avoid this step.

As you look at your money every day in your bank account, be grateful for what’s there. I don’t care if it’s a dollar, be grateful.

I also encourage you to ask yourself; “When has money ever failed me?”

Money is there more than we give it credit for. So give it the credit it deserves and spend time with it. Really get intimate with your numbers and you will be surprised how this one simple step of just looking at your bank account will change your money mindset.

And I want you to remember this… what we nurture grows. When you spend time with your money in gratitude and appreciation, you are nurturing it and it will grow, so please do not miss this step.



For example, you know when that bill comes in the mail, and you’re like, “Oh, what’s this going to cost me?”

What if the next time a bill came in the mail, you actually paused and said, “There is more than enough money to cover this bill and even more is on the way.”

If you’re constantly reminding yourself of how little you have, you will only increase the state of less. Versus trusting, believing, and being open to receiving more than enough.

When you change your language, you will change your energy around your money and then- well… get ready for money to flow to you with incredible ease.


STEP FOUR: Learn from those who have gone before you.

If you want to up-level your money mindset, you must deep dive into personal development and read books from those who have put in the work, have strategized, created formulas and systems to help build a solid wealth consciousness.

They have gone before us, they know better, so why not learn and accelerate your results when it comes to improving your own mindset around your money?

So you want to get your hands on books like:

The fastest way to up-level your money mindset is by learning from those who have gone through it before us. These are just some of the incredible books that will help you navigate this area of your life and your mindset.


STEP FIVE: Practice every single day.

Looking at your bank account once won’t do it.

Wishing and wanting for more won’t do it. That’s actually the perfect victim setup. You must make this a priority and set yourself up for a win after win after win after win.

These are the exact steps I use and I teach my clients to use, to go from financial struggle and stress to consistent revenues and clients we love. And now you can have it too. All you need to do is follow this system.

The exact step-by-step system is in The 6-Figure Client Map: How To Plan a Successful 6-Figure Coaching Year. Once you click the link, add your name and email and it will be sent right to your inbox.

Take your time with this and be sure to comment below your A-HA Moments – I love hearing from you!


Big Love,

Mare, xo

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