Landing Page Copy | 3 Strategic Ways To Create Catchy Headlines Without Being A Copywriter

We all know how important copy is in order to connect with our ideal client online.

Yet, we also know we aren’t copywriters and coming up with engaging content can be one of our greatest challenges as online coaches.

…What does content that sells actually look and read like?

…How does one stop the scroll and get attention?

…Why does one sales page kill it and another one falls flat?

There are countless variables when it comes to marketing copy, but there is nothing more important than the headline.

In this blog I am sharing a downloadable resource with 3 Headline Hacks and some bonus resources to up your copy game!

I want you to think of your headline like the front door to your highly converting landing page.

It’s like the subject line in an email. An effective one gets people to open and engage with the email.

Your headline is exactly the same thing. With a strong hook in your headline you increase your chance of conversions by well over 50%.

Do you know what online marketers spend the least amount of time on?

Yup, their headlines.

There are 3 headlines hacks I want to share with you today:

#1 My first go to shortcut is ‘The How To_____ Without______’ Basically, it’s how to get this amazing result or solve this difficult problem in X amount of time without a pain point that your particular ideal client doesn’t want.

When we can call out the desired outcome and the pain point in the headline, it will create a ton of curiosity making people want to know more.

An example would be: How To Lose 10 Pounds In 4-Weeks Without Starving.


#2 Desired outcomes: What do they want to achieve? In what amount of time do they want to achieve this by? Then you want to make them understand this is possible even if they struggle with a particular pain point.

An example: Hit Your First 10k Month In 30-Days Even If You Don’t Have An Email List!


#3 Benefit Driven: You want to start this headline with a number or an amount of time. Then you want to add an adjective and then you want to add a tool or a strategy. Adding this adjective, tool, and or strategy will help them see the benefit without having a pain point.

An example: 3-Social Media Action Steps That Will Double Your Followers Without Spending a Dime on Ads.


Your landing page could look amazing, but if your headline doesn’t hook your reader, then it won’t matter.

The headline is the key into the front door. It’s what gets people to buy into the overall concept of your offer. Without a compelling headline, you could be leaving money on the table.

Because I know how hard copy can be and creativity can also be one of those things that comes and goes, I put together a resource for you that covers everything we just talked about and added some additional resources.

If you want to crush your next headline simply grab it by clicking the button below, add your name and email and I will be sure to send it right to your inbox.

One extra tip. Be sure for every headline your write, you start by writing out 15 varieties. Cross off the ones you don’t love, then narrow it down to 3 and then take it to your audience and see what they love the most! Anytime you can get your followers involved by getting their opinion, you know you’re onto something.

Happy Writing!

Mare, xo

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