How to Double or Triple Your Sales with a Customer Journey Map

If I know one thing about you (even though I don’t know you – personally) you’re here because you are searching for an answer on how to increase your sales.

In this blog I am breaking down how to create a customer journey map that goes from awareness stage all the way to promoter stage.

When I got clear on where people were coming into my business and where I was leading them, my sales consistently started to grow.

You can grab HERE the Client Acquisition workbook I created for you to map out your next best customer journey – but I encourage you to read the full blog first 🙂

Having a customer value journey also helped me forecast numbers, track my financials, and understand deeper my customers’ buying trends.

Such as when my clients buy a lower ticket item, such as a tripwire for $7 or $10, nine times out of ten they buy a higher ticket coaching offer.

The only way I understood this was mapping out a customer value journey. Understanding where my people were coming from, where I was leading them, and what actions, steps they were actually taking.

After reading this blog and going through the Client Acquisition Workbook to map out your next best customer journey, you will be able to do the same for your business.

If you want to increase your sales, the bottom line is you must have a solid know, like, and trust with your following. In order to do this, you’ll need a few things in place:

  1. You’ll need to know your ideal client like the back of your hand.
  2. You’ll need to know what you solve. What can you fix right now?
  3. You’ll need to know how you solve it.

This is where picking a lane and staying in it is super important for your business growth. From your lead magnet, your free offer, all the way to your product, I must feel confident in you, your content, and ultimately your offer.

If I opt in for your fat loss guide, please do not send me an email talking about how to apply eyelashes.

In today’s online market, it is more important than ever we are consistent in our messaging.

I must know, like, and trust you, and the only way for that to happen is for me to have that consistent messaging that makes me feel like I know where I am, I believe in what you’re dishing out, and I want more from you. Otherwise, you may lose me.

And this is exactly why mapping out a customer value journey is imperative for your overall business growth.

When it is has done well, not only will your customers weave nicely through your customer journey and become clients, they will ultimately become advocates and promoters of your offerings because of the incredible value they received from you.

Believe it or not, this all starts with your next amazing piece of content.

Are you ready to dive into these eight important stages that you need to take your customers through? Let’s do it!

Stage One – Awareness.

This is that Facebook post you just posted or the Instagram story that you just put on Instagram today.

For you and I, it may be this blog.

When people come along your content for the very first time, this is the first stage of your customer value journey.

You’ll want to make sure that at this stage you are motivating, educating, and or inspiring. You’ll want to move your customers in an emotional way.

Stage Two – Engagement.

This is where your people will like, share, comment on your content.

It’s important to give them a good reason to do just that. Don’t only make your content amazing, but ask questions.

  • Ask them to drop an emoji in the comments section below.
  • Ask them to share with people they know who need to hear this message.
  • Ask them to give you a thumbs up or some hearts.

Sometimes we humans need to be told what to do in order to know exactly how to do it and when to do it.

When you do this, you will increase the engagement of your followers.

Stage Three – First Level of Commitment.

This is when you ask for the very first conversion. It usually comes in the form of a name and an email.

Which by the way, is a pretty big ask, so we never want to take this lightly.

What happens after people give us their name and email is super important, because now, they’re in the back end of our business.

You’ll want to make sure that first impressions are solid.

Because first impressions are hard to shake, you’ll want to make sure they’re powerful.

Some things to consider to ramp up those first positive impressions:

  1. Have you tested the deliverability of your opt-in. Making sure all the tech stuff works is really important here.
  2. Do you have an email follow up that has the subject line that indicates what they just opted into? Otherwise, they may not even open up and get that free offer.
  3. Does your follow up email have information about who you are? Remember oftentimes when people opt into our freebies, they don’t even know us, so we want to have something that lets them know about our personality and character, what we believe in and what we stand against, so that they can make a decision to stay or unsubscribe.
  4. Do you have another call to action that will ascend them to another level of commitment? For example, you may in your PS have something that says, come on over and join me in my free Facebook group. Now the people who click that button and join you in your free Facebook group, that’s a good indication they’re warm, they like what you’re putting down, and they’re picking it up, which is a very good sign for your customer journey.

Stage Four – Conversion.

Getting your customer to convert could be as minimal as joining your free Facebook group, or it could be a financial commitment – like a tripwire for $7 to $10. Usually these are fast acting found on the thank you page, and they boost or enhance the freebie.

Stage Five – Enhance or Excite.

At this stage, it’s about giving them more valuable content around your specific niche.

You want them to feel as if your content is so amazing, they are shocked that they didn’t have to pay for it.

When this is done well, they will be primed for the offer. In fact, they may even be asking, “Where can I buy or how can I work with this girl?”

You want your clients and your new followers to be so well taken care of during this nurture sequence period so that when you open the doors to your program/offer, they are so excited to whip out their credit cards and join on the spot.

Stage Six – Client.

This is the stage that they actually become a client through investing in your programs, whether it’s a large investment like a coaching program, or as we were talking about before, like a tripwire investment. Either way, they’ve taken out their credit card and they have ascended into that next level of commitment and became a client.

As always, customer service is imperative here. Always follow through on your promise! And  ensure that your new client, has the best experience possible, because quite often clients become clients.

Meaning oftentimes when somebody buys from us once, they’ll buy from us over and over again.

Stage Seven – Advocates.

These are the people who give us their testimonials happily. They are the people who are our rockstar clients, have taken full advantage of our offer, have done the work, and have had amazing results.

Stage Eight – Promoters.

These are our clients that absolutely love us. They loved working with us. They loved the offer. They had the ultimate experience and they share it with everyone they know that could benefit from it.

Mapping out a customer value journey will help you see where people are coming into your business and where you are leading them, helping you create messaging that is so clear and specific in nature that the right people can’t help but show up and purchase your offer.

Be sure to DOWNLOAD The Client Acquisition workbook below where you can expect:

  1. Ideas on how to create brand awareness
  2. The type of content you should be doing consistently to increase engagement
  3. My ‘Give and Get’ formula to ensure you create THE PERFECT LEAD MAGNET!
  4. The Fabulous Funnels Checklist that will help you craft a stellar nurture sequence helping you ascend a lead into a conversion with ease.
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Here’s to your GREAT BIG SUCCESS!
Mare, xo

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