Coaches, Do You Know How To Run Your Business?

Do you remember the moment you decided that coaching was your calling?


You sat there thinking of all the ways you were going to impact the world by helping other people live out their dreams.


Maybe you thought about the way this will impact yourself and your very own family.


Whatever it was that made you go all in it definitely had a lot to do with your passion to help.


But did you have any idea of the enormous effort it would take to actually run said business?


Girl, I feel you!


When I moved my business online I was beyond thrilled. I grew a successful in-person training and nutrition business, how hard could an online business be?


Uh Um – who knew how different it actually is!


>>Email marketing

>>Sales funnels

>>Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging – OH MY!


I questioned myself a lot. I truly had no idea of the enormity of the online space. It seemed as though once I got one thing, there was more and more I needed to understand.


I quickly realized that being a coach was one aspect of what I did but I also needed to embrace the role of CEO of Maryalice Goldsmith Coaching.


Once I committed to learning all aspects of the online space, that is when my career and business changed – figuratively and literally.


I studied everything from sales funnels to how to invest in your business. I learned from the best, the likes of Amy Porterfield, Melanie Duncan, Todd Herman and more. Thousands and thousands of dollars I didn’t necessarily have but knew if I wanted to truly grow a thriving online business, investing in quality educational resources was the only option I had.


It’s one thing to be a coach. It’s another to be an entrepreneur. And it’s a whole other ballgame to be a CEO.


Most coaches don’t understand that they’re really stepping into the role of CEO when they start their own business… I sure didn’t!


Have you noticed that things aren’t really working out as you hoped?


>>You don’t have enough clients.

>>You don’t make enough money to be full time and you’re constantly stressed about money.

>>You rarely have free time away from your computer to enjoy your life.



This happens to SO many coaches and my friend Amy Ramsey gets pretty fired up about it. And I completely agree! It’s painful to see so many coaches struggling to make a life from something they’re passionate about. There is nothing worse than wanting to live out your life’s purpose but can’t seem to figure out how.


It’s exactly why Amy put together CEO University, where coaches learn the secrets, habits, and insider strategies to build a 6-figure freedom based business. I’m thrilled to be featured in this free training series for coaches!


You can join us here >>>> CEO UNIVERSITY


We’re shining a light onto something that you don’t hear many people talking about in the industry. I know that if you’re brave enough to claim the title of coach, you’re ready to step up as CEO.


What does it really look like to be CEO of your business?


CEOs –

  • have habits that keep them in action, passionate, and juggling their life and business with ease
  • are confident leaders for their clients, their team, and are go-to resources for others in their industry
  • are fierce with their mindset so that they do what it takes to create success and fulfill their vision


Yes, you can be a CEO right NOW, even if you’re flying solo in your business. It’s a crucial shift that will take you to the next level of running a successful business.


>>> Find out how by clicking here CEO UNIVERSITY


Join the 1% of us who took their passion and made it a successful coaching business by stepping into our CEO genius. You deserve to fulfill your happiness, live out your dreams, and create ease within your business. After all isn’t that what you’re trying to teach your clients to do with their lives?



To Your Success,