Is consistency causing a premature break-up with your followers?

Hey there!

So let’s talk consistency, (or lack there of). This my friend is critical to building healthy long lasting relationships with your followers. Relationships so strong that these followers are dying to become your clients.

Lack of consistency is the main reason so many people are losing followers hand over fist. The last thing you want to do is lose a follower before you had the chance to make an impact on their life.

Here are 5 steps to increase your consistency with a clear message that your followers will love you for:

Step one: Know who you are as a coach.
One thing you must have clear is who are as a coach. It is critical. Actually, I would encourage you to take a step back and look at who you are as a person first?


Because you would be amazed how you bring those characteristics into your coaching style. Andddd, people like people who confidently live in their skin, so knowing who you are will allow you to know who you want to be as a coach.

The best part… when you know who you are you also know who you want to coach. Attracting your ideal client becomes that much easier!

Get super clear on this, know who you are from the inside out!

Step Two: What is the most favorite aspect of your business? What do you LOVE to coach on?

I want you to make a list of EVERY. SINGLE. THING. You do as a coach.

There’s a lot right?


I want you to write it all out, leave nothing off.

Now look at this list and ask yourself; “What is the one thing I do that excites me, gives me energy, and I can seriously talk about all day every day?”


Whatever it is you LOVE to do make it your mission to niche yourself in your market as the “______go to coach!”

Step Three: Become the go to coach in your niche for the one thing you absolutely love coaching on.


How? Weave this into your messaging and throughout your entire brand!

When you know what you love to talk and coach about you need to talk about this all the time. Yup, to the point where you are like, “Are people getting sick of hearing this from me?”


Trust me, they’re not. Especially if you’re coaching women, say it over and over. Let everything you teach lead to this one specialty you love in your business. Women need to see your consistency, they are not so quick to engage. But, if you focus on consistency in your messaging you will build that know, like, and trust with them and once they love you, they NEVER leave you 🙂 We are loyal creatures for sure.


Step Four: Consistency with your frequency will increase the know, like, and trust with your followers?

Create a content map that will allow you to create phenomenal content with ease
>Theming your content is a great way to map out your content.

>Taking your emails and blogs and break those up and use for social media posts.

→ Take a blog and do a tweet-a-thon with the top main points blasted on Twitter 🙂 easy breezy right?!

We have a ton to cover on any given day as business owners. So, creating systems and strategies is critical to streamline your business duties. I am sending a free content strategy system to my email list tomorrow that covers, in very clear actionable steps, how to theme out an entire year of content. Be sure to sign up here.


Step Five: Choose one platform, perfect, build a strong following and then move on to the next one.


Trying to be everywhere will lead you to nowhere and your clients will move on.


If you’re trying to be on every social media platform, blog, email, live stream all while trying to maintain all the other responsibilities of your business you are most definitely going to crash and burn


Overwhelm in your business is a choice. You SHOULD NOT feel dragged down, in fact if you’re focusing on what you love, you should feel the exact opposite.

Don’t feel obligated to be everywhere. The “guru’s” who are on every single platform multiple times a day… well, let’s just say it takes a village.

It seems amazing how they do that, but they aren’t, they have a team of experts supporting them. Which, don’t get me wrong, that’s amazing and one day you will too, but slow and steady wins the race.

Perfect one platform, build a loyal following and guess what… they will follow you wherever you go!


Consistency with your message is critical to building a solid following. Our goal is to build quality relationships with our people.

We want them to know we are here for them. We want them to come to us for the best information.

Share your personality so that they can like you and feel like you get them. Relability is key in relationship building – especially with women.

The more consistent you are with your message, the frequency of that message, and showing up with YOU – your special and unique personality the more you will build that solid trust with your people and turn followers into paying customers!

To Your Success,
Maryalice, xo