Create The Life You Love

If you could have your dream life, what would that look like?


Really think about this…


…dare to dream BIG and hold nothing back.


In my chemistry calls I always ask the women I am speaking to to tell me what their dream situation would be.


I tell them to dream big and not hold anything back.


You know what they do?


They squirm in their chair and they do the extreme opposite. They tell me what seems realistic and achievable.


They say things like, “$10k a month sounds like a good number.”


Really? That’s it $10k?


Come on people, I know you have more in you than that. I mean DREAM B I G!!!!!!


What I find most interesting is we entrepreneurs desire to create our own work schedules, have the flexibility to make as much or as little money as we choose, and have the ability to work from wherever, yet many of us would be thrilled with $10k per month.


For all of you who are saying, “$10k is a lot of money, what’s wrong with that?” It is a lot of money and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you’re being honest with yourself.


Is $10k your BIG DREAM?


I would argue not but that is really not the point here, the point is if you became an entrepreneur to fulfill your dreams, why are you not allowing yourself to do that? Why are you not dreaming BIG and creating the life you will absolutely love?


We have more say over our life than we give ourselves credit for.


We hold ourselves back with thoughts of “What if?” or “But is this possible for me?” because we fear failure. We fear putting ourselves out there and saying I want to make a million dollars and come up way short.


Saying I want to make $10k feels like a reach but safe.


Staying safe is not going to be the catalyst to your dream life – to the life you will love to live.


In fact, I will argue staying safe may not even get you to that $10k.


You didn’t become an entrepreneur to stay safe. Hell, the very fact you are an entrepreneur was a risk within itself.


Right here, right now you have the right to make a choice to truly allow yourself to create the life you love.

  1. Make the choice that you are possible, that your dreams are possible.
  2. Give yourself permission to dream big, leave nothing out.
  3. Write it down. Be as detailed as possible. How much money do you want to make? Where do you want to travel and with whom? What will your life look like? In what ways will you be different? Why does this all matter?
  4. Read it to yourself every single day.
  5. Have faith that with a little hard work and God on your side, anything is possible!


If you think small you will create small things. If you allow yourself to think big you will create big things. The choice is yours… that’s the cool part.


What do you choose?


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