Discover Who You’re Truly Meant To Serve

Ahh this is a hot topic for sure.


I desperately wanted to be for everyone. I didn’t want to turn anyone away when it came to coaching and for awhile I didn’t.


But what I quickly learned was the clients I was truly meant for weren’t getting my best because my not so ideal clients were sucking the life out of me.


Have you ever felt the same?


We all have those favorite clients. You know the ones who get it and even if they don’t they do whatever they can to make sure that they do?


They speak our language.


The chemistry is spot on.


They fuel you and you them.


It’s simply fact, we are not for everyone and everyone is not for us. When we align ourselves with those who truly want the help and are willing to do the work, well then it’s a win win for all.


So, how do you find your ideal client and ensure you’re only working with those who make the most sense for your mission?

  1. WHY –  Ask yourself why you do what you do? In the answer of this question lies a story – a journey if you will, to what brought you where you are today. Some of us have known all our lives that coaching others is what we wanted to do. While others have gone through a life experience that inspired them to want to serve others, to help others avoid or get through whatever it is they’ve conquered. We all have a story and usually it is intricately connected to the WHY behind what we do.

    So what’s your story and how has it brought you to where you are today and inspired you to do the work you have chosen?
  2. WHO who are you as a person? What are your core values? Why does this matter? The chemistry has to be right. I believe as coaches it’s our role to help bring out the best in our clients, but there is also a reality here, not all personalities are meant to mix. For example, I don’t accept whining or complaining – there is a solution to every problem and that’s where the energy needs to go. Some people may not like or feel comfortable with me challenging them, but as a coach that is my role. I can’t let you sit and wallow right? So, when I’m discerning who I’ll work with I ask them “Are you comfortable with me challenging you? This is something I do with all of my clients in order to push them out of their own way.”

    If someone was to respond NO (this has never happened) I would seriously have to weigh if we’re the right fit. My core values would not allow me to work with someone who isn’t willing to truly do the work.
  3. WHEREfind them where they are, don’t expect them to come to you.

    Think about a client you loved. Define what was so spot on about this client. What worked so well between the two of you in terms of communication, goal setting, action taking, and so on. What were her/his successes and why do you think that is? After you’ve defined the details of this client, think about how you found one another. Think about where she hangs out, both in life and on social media. What strategy, if any, did you use to make the connection and book her/him as a client? I am all about keeping things practical, so rinse and repeat. Keep doing what you did to connect with your most favorite client over and over.

    For me I love doing business assessment calls. I invite online entrepreneurs onto this call, we connect, and if I feel we have a strong connection and I can help her, I then invite her to a chemistry call. My chemistry calls are where I go a little deeper into their business and then offer my services if we’re the perfect fit! Rinse and repeat! 
  4. DISCOVERconnect on a call and find out how they think, work, believe, and dream when it comes to their life and business.If you want an “IDEAL CLIENT” then you have to be open to connecting with people one on one. You have to ask pivotal questions to get into the psyche of their mind.The only way to discover if you can give them what they need and to learn if they are capable of working with you, is to connect with them one on one. The only way to connect with people is to invite them. You should be booking 2 calls per day – especially if you’re growing your business!!
  5. INTEGRITY say what you mean, mean what you say.The law of attraction is no joke. When we stay true to ourselves we attract others who do the same. If you want to work with someone who is ideal for you then you need to show up in your most IDEAL way. What you put out there, you will attract. If finding your ideal client seems to be a struggle, it could very well be an issue with your messaging. The more clear we are the more the right people will come. Be clear as to what you want and stay true to that, this alone could have a huge impact on your business and who you attract.


Discovering who you’re meant to serve is a mix of internal work and experience. The more experience you have with clients more will be revealed. It’s up to us as coaches to define who we are first and stay true to ourselves… that’s priority #1.


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