Conquer Your Message Mini Course

This mini course is for coaches (entrepreneurs) who want more clarity when it comes to their business. Maybe you’re ready to start doing things your way and not the way everyone else is doing it. You may have an absolute favorite client and you want to nail your messaging to ensure you attract people like her over and over. Or maybe you love what you do and you want to do more of it but need the confidence to put yourself out there… this course will give you clarity of who you are, who you serve, why you’ve chosen this career, and how to take all of that information and create exceptional messaging that makes you an obvious *STAND OUT* to your ideal client. 

I’m breaking down EXACTLY what you need to do in order to create a message your followers can’t resist. We will get laser focused on the EXACT 5 steps I took that helped my message go from *FLAT* to *FAB* creating a steady stream of high paying clients and 5 figure months!

You will learn…

  • 3 simple steps to reveal your unique brand qualities and avoid being a “me too” business. 
  • My #1 strategy in communicating a message that resonates and makes you an obvious stand out to your ideal client. 
  • How to create “sticky” content to grab the attention of your ideal client and increase your visibility confidently!
  • The #1 reason people aren’t buying your products and how to change your message to ensure that they do
  • 7-key elements to crafting an exceptional message that positions you as the expert and turns your followers into happy paying clients.

*PLUS* you will receive all the workbooks, checklists, and PDF’s that go along with each individual lesson. 

If you’re ready to get SUPER clear and create messaging that jumps off the web right into the hands of your ideal client, this is perfect for you! 

Your investment? Only $49