5-Day Conquer Your Sales Mini Course

This mini course is for coaches (entrepreneurs) who are ready to sell CONSISTENTLY online! You have products and services but you need a roadmap – the HOW – to sell with ease. 

I am breaking down the exact systems and methods I use to book sales calls consistently (I have booked over 40 calls in a month – it’s possible, trust me!), connect one on one with my ideal client, and create a steady stream of income in my business. 

You will learn…

  • 12 creative marketing ideas to help you consistently book sales calls with your ideal client and grow your revenue fast.
  • My #1 relationship building strategyto help you accelerate the know, like, and trust and massively grow your revenue without feeling salesy.
  • How to increase engagement by connecting with your ideal client one on one and surprisingly boost your sales in the process.
  • The exact method I use to convert 80-90% of my sales calls with incredible ease – you will love this!
  • My “high touch” technique that will grow your engagement, your following, and your wallet. WARNING, be prepared to double or triple your monthly income -just saying!You’ll get full access to the complete recording, Q&A and all. 

*PLUS* you will receive all the workbooks and PDF’s that go along with each individual lesson, including a LIVE sales call of the exact system I use to convert at 80-90%.

This is jam packed with greatness!

Your investment? Only $49


Love & Praise

Um, just had the EASIEST assessment call ever because of your Chemistry Call outline..  It really helped me have a super productive conversation, get the caller’s buy in at every part of the call so that she knew it was about HER, and the icing on the cake…


She was the perfect fit and having that process to walk her through was the game changer… 

Being able to tell her which game changers we were going to implement AND challenging her a little on a belief that I could see right away would have left her spinning her wheels sealed the deal. And…. I would have NEVER felt so at ease and appropriate going in on that belief had you not told me to get her permission upfront to challenge anything that I noticed, as a coach, might be holding her back.