Money Momentum Mini Course

This mini course is for coaches who are ready to be responsible business owners. You’re ready to make serious cash this year and you want to be in the know of how to forecast, plan, and invest smart. 

I will break down how I went from avoiding money to fully embracing what comes in and what goes out. This has a been a huge game changer in creating and REACHING my financial goals.

If you’re looking to make serious money in your online business and you’re not messing around, this mini-course will get you started on your way… I’ve even included by highly successful sales call that has me converting at 90% +. This is jam packed with tips and tricks to increase your revenue, love having money conversations and ask for the money you deserve.  

You will learn…

  • My exact financial tracking system that keeps me accountable and laser focused on my income goals for 2016.
  • The 2 critical choices I made that had the biggest financial impact on my business growth in 2015.
  • 3 critical pieces of information you need to knowbefore you pitch to your followers.
  • How your “money story” can be the single most powerful blocker to your financial success. 
  • PLUS- my strategic approach to my first 5 figure month without the “salesy” pitch.

You’ll get full access to the complete recording, Q&A and all.

*PLUS* you will receive all the workbooks and PDF’s that go along with each individual lesson.

All for the low price of $49


Love & Praise

“I cannot believe how much value I got out of the Money Momentum Mini Course. 

You got straight to the point about the different mindsets and business model missteps that block cash flow in a coaching business. I had many aha moments. 

However, following your example for the money tracking system gave me instant relief and insight into missed revenue opportunities.  Thanks for creating this training.”

Conita Thomas