How a VIP Business Intensive Made Me $24k in Less Than a Week

Ever take a leap of faith and dive in completely clueless as to where the chips may fall?


Well in June I was invited to a VIP business intensive. I was reluctant as I didn’t really know the coach running it, but at the same time, I was shopping for a coach… one of those ‘what do I have to lose?’ kind a deals!


Let me just say MIND BLOWN!


As she proceeded to dissect my business I saw right before my eyes how amazing my business is and how much more incredible it can become. Within 45 minutes I was having these a-ha moments like I’ve never had before.


As a coach, I do this for my clients all the time, but to have someone do it for me was literally life changing.


I left this VIP intensive on fire with my business.


I had such amazing clarity and I knew exactly what I needed to do to level up immediately.


My message was even more clear than it had been already and I was ready to take some serious action. Clarity does amazing things for your confidence!


I had no idea the incredible impact this day would have on me and my business. I went home, got to work and within one week made an additional $24,000 dollars in my business.


How would your life and your business be different if you could do the same?


If you’ve ever considered or been invited to a VIP day and brushed it off thinking it would be less than stellar for your business, think again. These days will absolutely accelerate your desired results.


I am offering a VIP INTENSIVE summer special to all my followers, but I only have 4 spots available so you want to act fast! Book by July 31st and receive $1000 off! AMAZING RIGHT!!


Whether you live locally (NJ, NY, PA, CT) or all the way across the world we can meet in person or via skype for our 6 hour session – breaks will be included 🙂


What you can expect:


  • Complete clarity of who you are as a coach, who you serve, what you do, why you do it, and how. This will give you the voice you need to become more visible and funnel people into your programs and services. You will sell with ease and people will be drawn to your confidence. This is your business foundation and without a strong one, your business is susceptible to failing. We do not want that.
  • Specific goals for the last half of 2016. We’ll work backwards defining how much money you’d like to make and the exact steps you’ll need to take in order to make that happen. This is a game changer and puts everything into perspective. We will further chop down your goals into 90 day increments to make them attainable and not stressful. Overwhelm is the biggest blocker of success. We want you thriving!
  • Social Media platform and website walk through. Now that you’ve found your voice we want to ensure the platforms you’re using are representative of you and your brand. We will set your platforms up for success in order to increase your consistency, opt in conversions, and build your overall following.
  • Struggles and or blocks strategies. Anything that you’re struggling with that needs to be addressed in order for you to move your business forward. This can be mindset, money, sales, programs and packages – anything that seems to be a theme in keeping you stuck. You will be unstuck by the end of your VIP intensive.

This special is ONLY for the month of July so DO NOT delay.  There is an application process, so please click here to apply. We will meet on a pre-VIP day call to answer any of your questions.


What would your life and business look like if in the next 90 days you doubled or tripled your income?


Isn’t it worth finding out? I look forward to speaking with you.



To Your Success,



P.S. My VIP special is good through July 31st. Do not delay to receive $1000 off. Fill out the VIP Day Application and let’s connect on a call.

P.S.S Please note, I’ve opened up 2 additional spots (4 total) and you can book through August 31st but you must reserve your spot by July 31st 🙂