How to Avoid Being a “me too” Business

When it comes to our message we can often fall victim to feeling as if we don’t have the right to speak on a certain topic because ‘so and so’ already covered it.


After all, we don’t ever want to copy or try to be like someone else when we’re trying to be a stand out in our niche, right?


I could remember allowing myself to be in content hell; not writing blogs, emails, or social media posts for days because I didn’t want to take someone else’s stuff.


I look back on that time and laugh. It’s quite ridiculous if you really think about it.


I am sure someone has already wrote about this very topic. If you Google “copying” or “copycatting” I am sure there will be endless blogs.


My point is there are ways to make your point and nurture your tribe without being a “me too” business.


Get clear on your message and be a stand out in your market with these simple steps:

  1. Have a point of view. We all have one so what’s yours? Weaving this into your message is critical, it’s what sets you apart. You may have been doing this and didn’t even know it because literally, it comes that naturally. For me I am intentionally positive. I see a solution to every problem. I see the good in things; it is and has always been my interpretation of things.I weave this into my coaching, writing, and the way I present myself to the world. So when I write about messaging and avoiding being a “me too” business I put a positive spin on it… there are always ways to nurture your followers without being a “me too” biz.Now you try. What is your point of view when it comes to life, business, relationships. You may see a common theme. Weave that into your messaging and make the everyday conversation super special with your point of view.
  2. Name your stories. This past Monday I shared my 1st grade story, to my email list, how I was sent back to Kindergarten in the first grade for sloppy writing. It is through this story that I shared and taught the lesson of acceptance – being open to learning and receiving more even in our most trying of times.When you name your stories it’s easier to pull them from your memory bank and use them to connect with your people on a topic that may have been spoken about thousands of times, but never like this, never through your story!
  3. Put it into words baby! Knowing what you do and why you do it is great, but if you can’t put it into words it’s going to be really difficult to not be a “me too” business. There are a ton of coaches out there so simply stating you’re a strategist won’t do it. Be clear as to who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. This alone will make you a stand out in your niche.


The most important thing is do you. Write those blogs, emails, and posts and stop worrying about who else has done the same. There is no one like you, so bring your A game and that alone will help you avoid being a “me too” business.


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To Your Success