How To Be Present and Productive All At Once.

There comes a time in your business when clarity is a must. We all get to a point when we crave clear direction and laser focus.


Basically, we’re not messing around and we want to make things happen.


Sometimes, and especially if you just started your business, you feel like everything you’re working on doesn’t have a ultimate purpose.


You may be wondering what to focus on next or if what you’re focusing on will give you the greatest return on your efforts.


Trust me, I get it. I used to wonder not only what I should be working on but what was the point. I wanted a clear vision for my business. I wanted to know that each step led to achieved goals and that those goals were in line with my ultimate desires.


Looking a year ahead is valuable to see the path your business is on and where you want to take your business.


But for some looking at their business in 12-month increments can be overwhelming, so breaking it down into smaller pieces is advantageous. There are 4 quarters for a reason.


Here are a few things to consider:


Step one: First determine your number one goal. You have to know what you want in order to create a plan of action. It’s like food shopping hungry without a list. We all know what happens in this scenario… lots of unwanted food items in your pantry that actually keep you from your health and fitness goals.


Versus going shopping with all the meals you’re going to cook that week mapped out. You’ll get everything you need and leave everything else on the shelf.


Having a clear focus on your goal is critical. What do you want to make happen in your business in the next 3-months?


Step two: Map out all the action steps that need to take place.

Let’s say your goal is to close 10-new 1:1 clients this month. What are the critical steps you can take to start making that happen?

  1. Create a sales funnel
  2. Make an offer to your list
  3. Make an offer on social media for a strategy call or assessment call
  4. Offer a webinar and pitch an offer for your 1:1 coaching at the end


Once you decide on how, and you can have more than one way, you’ll then need to start mapping out what needs to get done in order to implement your plan.


List it all out. See where you can ask for help from a VA or barter services with a friend or peer.


Step three: Place those action steps on a calendar. Seeing it all laid out is super helpful.


We all know that lists are great, but they can seem so overwhelming when they are long and involved. Placing all the steps you need to take on a calendar helps you see just how possible it is. It gives you a clear roadmap and helps you to see just how possible this is.


Step four: Take action!


Having a goal, mapping out a clear plan, and then taking action will change your focus in your business. It allows you stay focused and work on that one big thing in your business that will have the biggest return on your efforts.
One thing I often hear is, “I love the idea of focusing on one thing but I always feel like where there is one thing there are hundred other things I need to do as well.”

Oh do I totally get this!


Look, we’re running businesses; of course we will always have multiple things to focus on. As your business grows so does your responsibilities. So you also have to be honest with yourself and know when it’s time to get help. Delegation becomes a very important aspect of your business for sure.  


But if you’re new and you’re not ready to hire help just yet, at the very least get yourself on a weekly schedule so you know exactly what you will focus on each day in your business.


I speak to women about this all and time. So many entrepreneurs, especially women who’ve left corporate to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, don’t know what to focus on.


One of the first things I ask is “What does your week look like?” and almost all of them say they feel all over the place. They don’t have days designated for specific tasks and they basically do whatever they feel they need to do that day.


Sound familiar?


Give this a try instead…


Take a look at your week and see how each day could represent something else.


My week looks like this:
Monday: Administrative work, research, education/trainings
Tues: Coaching
Weds: Coaching
Thurs: Coaching
Friday: Content creation and admin


When you know what your plan is per day, you will be so incredibly productive. Knowing I need to get my content done on Friday helps me sit down, drown out everything else and get it done! And by the way, it feels so good to get it done and be free to do the other things in my business.


Also, it allows me to be VERY PRESENT for my clients during our coaching calls. I’m not worrying about content because it’s done. Or posting on social media because my awesome VA does it for me. Or administrative stuff; done, done, and done!


In order to be an awesome coach you have to be organized and focused. Yes, as business owners there is a lot we do, but when you have a schedule and you know what you’re doing when, it makes you a better CEO of your brand and a much better coach to your clients.