How to Create a Highly Converting Lead Magnet

Want to get two to three hours back in your week while doubling or tripling your email list with qualified leads?

In this blog I am going to break down 7 creative ways to take the amazing content you already have and turn it into your next email growing machine.

This is exactly what I did to grow my email list to thousands without spending thousands of hours and dollars.

I am also sharing my Content Inventory Grid which will help you assess, organize, and strategize your next BEST lead magnet with your very own already created content!


Idea Number One:

You know that live you just did on Instagram or Facebook that’s getting a ton of engagement?

  • take that video
  • download it
  • transcribe it
  • better yet upload it to and let them transcribe it and then
  • put it into a quick infographic.


Want to go high level?

Store the video on a webpage, add the infographic or a workbook that takes them through the step-by-step processes that you explained in the video.


Idea Number Two:

That expert interview you did (or do one 🙂 ) take that interview, again upload it onto a web page, add a step-by-step, a checklist or a workbook, and voila, you have an amazing lead magnet.

What’s so amazing about this, you’re helping your audience solve a problem that you may not necessarily solve.

For example, a business coach that interviews a copywriter and helps her audience up-level their sales pages.


Idea Number Three:

If you have a three, five or seven day challenge, can you turn that into your next best video series?

You sure can.

Little pro tip: when we do challenges, we get instant market research, learning the wants and the needs and the demand of the topic that we’re covering.

If you’re getting a ton of engagement, people are really loving what you’re putting down, why wouldn’t you turn it into a video series? If you know your people want and need it, a video series could be a perfect lead magnet to attract more of those engaged followers.


Idea Number Four:

Take one of your long post on Facebook, or even a blog post like this that gives people the step-by-steps, the one, two, threes, and the ABCs.

Why not turn that into a blueprint, a checklist or a workbook and make it a content upgrade. Just like I am giving you a workbook to take these exact steps.


Idea Number Five: How-To tutorials.

One of my highest converting lead magnets is a how to tutorial on me doing live sales call. It was amazing and people loved it.

So don’t forget about those how-tos that you have on your Vimeo account or your YouTube channel or even a Facebook live. Making it an excellent lead magnet.


Idea Number Six: Webinars.

These are powerful because they are jam packed with so much information and oftentimes help ascend your customers to the next part of the customer value journey.


Idea Number Seven:

Remember those big old eBooks that used to be all the rage?  Well, not so much anymore.

But before you go and throw away that ebook, what if you took it and broke it up into a lead magnet that led into a sales funnel allowing you to give more and more value to your new follower over time as opposed to just dumping a hundred page ebook on their computer.

So there you have it, seven ways to take your amazing content and turn it into a list building machine.

The advantages of doing this are endless, but the number one is that they are tried and tested.

You know that people are already interested in this content. Making the chances of increasing your conversions with qualified leads much higher.

Not to mention the time you will save with repurposing content versus trying to create and rewrite the wheel.

The first step in making sure this is successful is taking inventory.

I put something special together for you called The Content Inventory Grid which will help you see what content you already have available that could be your next greatest lead magnet.

And it will also help you sync it with your next best offer, creating an impeccable customer value journey.

Remember, our lead magnets only work when they’re part of a larger picture of the customer value journey.

You can [DOWNLOAD] The Content Inventory Grid by clicking the button below.

Have an excellent week and enjoy creating a high value and highly converting lead magnet without having to do any extra work.

To Your Great Big Success!
Mare, xo

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