How To Make Every Client Feel Like Your Only One

As coaches it is our role to make our clients feel supported. We are their go-to people who will assist them in reaching their fullest potential.


It’s serious shoes to fill for sure!


But how can we make every client feel like they’re our only ones? Between coaching calls, emails, editing copy on sales pages, websites, Facebook ads – there is a lot we do to support our people.


Maybe the question should be – how can we NOT make our clients feel like our only client?


Here are 5 ways to make your clients feel as if they’re your only one:


  1. Don’t take on more than you can handle: Money is great, but it can’t be the only driving factor in your business. You’re a coach and your people should get top priority. Booking yourself solid with very little wiggle room will do more harm then good, for all involved.You have to think about emails, coaching calls, assisting in things like web design, sales pages, ads copy and more. If you take on too many clients how can you show up at your best for each of them? And you also have a business to run!The worst thing that can happen is burn out. So be sure you’re rational with your numbers. Don’t take on 20 clients if you can only handle 19. I know that seems silly, but seriously one more could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.Study your schedule and ONLY take on what you can truly give your best to.
  2. Have systems in place for client management: For example, after each of my coaching calls I leave my clients with a minimum of 3 tasks they need to put into place to move their business forward.We both agree on these tasks and I ask them to fill out a 2 week tasks form to keep themselves accountable. This way we’re both on the same page and my client doesn’t feel overwhelmed with a ton of things to do, but instead focused on what matters most to build or keep the momentum.Having systems in place helps your client feel heard and it allows for the both of you to feel organized to take action.
  3. Go the extra mile: There are times when I know my clients will benefit from getting on a call with me versus going back and forth with email. Maybe their stressed, confused, frustrated or even excited and want to celebrate. I love reaching out and saying, “Let’s get on a call, are you available now.” Going above and beyond in any way possible for your clients is important.We all have our packages of the typical calls, emails, and whatever else you offer, but sometimes it’s ok to go outside of that and give a little more – in fact, I strongly encourage it. This makes your clients feel more than a client, they feel like you truly have their back and this is important for their success and yours.
    So, go the extra mile.
  4. Engage in what they’re doing: Follow them on social media, opt into their email, opt into their freebies and see how they’re setting up their funnels. Knowing what they have in place will actually help you coach them even better.Remember, you’re not coaching them on what has worked for you, you’re meeting them where they are. This is what a good coach does and your client will love you for it.
  5. Care beyond their business: As online entrepreneurs we spend a lot of time alone, and so do our clients. For some, calls with their coach is the highlight of their week. I know I love when I speak with my coach; there’s nothing like talking shop to someone who actually gets it.But, there are times when your client will need even more. Maybe they’re stressed beyond the business. Maybe they’re dealing with aging parents, a struggling marriage, or financial stress. No, you’re not a counselor, but being there for them with support and understanding adds immense value.Tuning into their energy and asking, “Hey are you ok, what’s going on today” can make your client feel, not only as if they’re your only client, but that you truly care about her success in life and in business… IMO, this should be a goal for all of us coaches.


Being a coach requires time, emotions, energy and the ability to go beyond biz. There is an obligation to show up as their greatest support. To make them feel special and that they invested wisely.


How can you improve your quality of care when it comes to client management? Maybe you have some holes and this is why you’re struggling to get clients in the first place?


To Your Success,