How’s That Client Hustle Working For Ya?

If everyday you’re waking up (or worse yet, not able to fall asleep) wondering how you will find clients, you’re in the throws of the client hustle… like it or not.


You can’t get your mind off of how you will keep this schedule up.


You go over and over in your mind how you will pay for your business expenses.


And if you’ve gotten to the point of this… “Maybe corporate isn’t so bad, at least I’ll know exactly how much I get paid week by week and of course there are benefits.”


The hustle is starting to fizzle.


The client hustle is no joke and quite honestly it is the biggest blocker from you doing what you love.


When I made the transition from in person training to online, I was working overtime to book clients. I was working the online space grind, doing in person networking, and I even did in home “Fat Loss” (Like Stella & Dot or Pampered Chef) parties.


In many ways this worked awesome, I had a ton of clients and I was making great money.


But, I thought taking my business online meant I could stay home in my PJ’s working on my laptop and drinking coffee all day. Didn’t I hear something about “FREEDOM”?




I was grinding bigtime for those results. I have nothing against hard work, but one of the reasons I took my business online was to have more time with my family. I was not achieving my goals, so like you, I was hustling but not getting the results I wanted.


I figured out the ‘formula’, and in the process, came to realization that I wanted to help other women do the same.


There is a level of freedom in what we do as online entrepreneurs. I mean, you have to work, let’s be real, but to be able to work from wherever doing what you love, it’s truly amazing.


It takes some grit and grinding, but it also takes strategies and a solid understanding of your market.


When I take on new clients, I find, for the most part, they have a clear understanding of what they want to do and who they want to serve, but when it comes to understanding the market 100%, this is where there are some holes.


I studied this weakness in my own business. I saw where I was coming up short in copy and positioning myself as the expert. It was pretty eye opening… and extremely empowering.


How can you possibly push your products and services if you’re not clear on what sets you apart as the ‘go-to’ coach in your niche?


Feeling like you’re unique versus knowing you are – are two very different things.


The first – feeling like you’re unique comes with trepidation. Believe me I know firsthand how it feels to ‘feel’ unique. Just because my Mom & Dad always said I was going to be something special doesn’t mean others could see that.


Versus knowing what makes you a stand out in your market – now we’re talking about being a confident marketer.


But how?


This is where my *NEW* 8-Week Product To Profits comes in. In this course, not only will you discover what makes you the ‘go-to’ coach in your niche, you will know exactly how to magnetize your dream clients to you and sell to them with ease… literally, it will be as if they sold your programs to themselves.


You see, you are the very best thing that has ever happened to your niche; you simply need to put all the pieces together so that you can stand in that truth and truly OWN YOUR POWER and show up with confidence, clarity, and conviction.


Hustling to sell your services just to end up with little to no sales is defeating. It’s down right depressing. So how long are you going to continue to lose sleep, feel distracted from life rather than enjoying it, and wonder how long it will be before you have to go and get that “real job”?


If you want a clear roadmap – the ‘HOW’ in successfully selling online, join me for my 8-Week Product To Profit course and in 8-weeks or less be ready for your best launch yet…


You have 3 choices:
–End 2016 on a high note and generate the desired wealth in your business

–Be prepared to kick 2017 off with a financial bang!

–Or, keep hustling, losing sleep, and lacking in not only clients, but the mental energy to live your best life.


It’s totally up to you. I am here for those who choose wisely 🙂


To Your Success,