I Know I Need a Coach But Where Do I Even Begin to Find One?

Hiring a coach to help you level up in your business is a serious decision. This is definitely not something you should take lightly.


Making an investment in your business means you’re allowing yourself to believe your business is possible and no matter what you’re going for it.


You’re not messing around.


So, why would you make a rash decision when it comes to who you will invest in?


You wouldn’t!


Your business is your baby and you need to make sure the coach you hire has your back, gets you, and customizes a plan for your business.


The goal of coaching is to create an exact roadmap for your business.

  • How will grow?
  • What steps do you need to take to create 5 figure months?
  • What strategies do you need in place to help with consistency in content?


There are no two businesses the same, so you want to make sure that your coach doesn’t just teach you what worked for her, but systems and strategies that will allow you to take your business where you want it to go.


So where do you start? Ask yourself:

  1. What is my style of learning?
    • Videos
    • Reading
    • One on one instruction

When you honor your style of learning you will be more successful finding a coach that matches this. Just like there are no two businesses the same, there are no two coaches the same.

  1. What do I actually need from my coach?
    • One on one attention
    • Less hands on and more independent work
  1. In looking at ALL the different types of programs out there, am I ok being a number in a group and getting great content via video tutorials or do I want more of an accelerated approach with high touch coaching?
  1. What relationship do I want from my coach?
    • No relationship, I simply want the content and I am good to go.
    • I want her to be my coach and my greatest support while I grow
    • I want my coach to be my mentor and my friend. I don’t want her to feel untouchable; I want high access and endless support.


There is a moment in your business – I call it a crossroad – where you will want to go all in. You will feel it in your gut.


You’ll know that you want to lay it all out on the line to achieve the success you desire.


You’ll have this vision of FINALLY investing, on every level: emotionally, financially, and timewise, to create the business you’ve been dreaming of. Ahh, the dream looks and feels so good!


Your desire to build this dream business is so strong because you know it will change your current circumstances…

  • Maybe you’re done with corporate
  • You could be ready to use a whole new part of your brain after being a stay-at-home Mommy for so many years.
  • Or you could be at your witts end with your entrepreneurial journey and you know if you don’t find someone that can put all the missing pieces together, you potentially will never achieve your goals.


When you finally make the decision to hire a coach be sure to honor your needs. There is no way you will achieve your goals if you don’t.


This is not a time to skimp or cut corners, it’s a moment in your business where you need to BELIEVE in yourself, put some skin in the game and invest, and then trust you’ve made a great decision and hired an amazing coach that will help you get there.


Investing in your business can be scary – especially if you’re struggling to get results (a.k.a make money); but what’s the alternative?


We always have a choice.


Keep spinning your wheels and continue to go it alone or find the best coach for you.


I would love to know more. What do you need and how can I help? Please fill out my Chemistry Call application and choose the best day and time to talk. On these calls we will dive a bit deeper into your business, your desires, and what you need in order to make that happen.


I would never hire a coach without speaking to them first, and I strongly encourage you not to as well.


So, begin with what feels right for you and interview coaches that are aligned with your style and never EVER settle for anything else.


I look forward to discussing your business needs!