It Takes A Village

You wake up, get your cup of coffee, take that amazing first sip(LOVE!), you sit at your desk open your laptop and start your day. This happens day in and day out. For many of us entrepreneurs it happens 7-days a week.


You and your PC…. #Besties!

But how healthy is this for you and how healthy is this for your business?

I am sure you have heard the old adage ~ “It takes a village!” Well just like raising a child takes a community of parents, teachers, clergy, coaches… so does creating a thriving business.

So, the question is who is your village? Who are your go-to people that help to keep you motivated, focused, and creative? If you don’t have these people in place, I strongly urge you to reevaluate.

For many years I went it alone. I did the same morning routine I spoke about above. Everything I did I questioned because I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Everything I put out on my Facebook page was an experiment. I wrote on my blog, but I was clueless as to what my message was. I kept spinning my wheels and simply throwing things out there to see what sticks. Don’t get me wrong, this is an important part of the process, but the not knowing can get frustrating.

As you know, running and online business has many differences than running an in person brick and mortar. So, it is hard to sit with your husband and get his feedback when he doesn’t have a clue on what things like a hashtag is. Hell, there was a time when I was like “Hashtag – say what!?” People who have never ran an online business don’t necessarily get what it is we actually do day-to-day.

All these mysterious online tools really sucked up a lot of my time. I had to research and learn about things like ‘how to write the perfect blog.’ Or how about SEO? What the hell is this? Search Engine Optimization – and it’s really important! But EVERYTHING is really important.

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The point in this… I took a lot of time out of marketing my business to learn how to run it, market it, and create a brand. If I had had my “Village” in place I would have totally sped up the process.

This is why having people you can surround yourself with is super critical to maintain your healthy and build a thriving robust business. One of the best moves I every did was hire my first business coach, Jill Coleman of Jillfit, back in 2013.


Scary – yes, because that was money I could use for other things in my business and my personal life. But, that money has paid off 10x over.

Not only was I able to work with Jill, I was also placed in her private Facebook group with the other girls she was coaching. Now I had a Village of people for support, accountability, and motivation. It was no longer just my PC and I.

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2013 turned out to be a huge turning point for my business. Jill taught us about systems that we needed to have in place in order to thrive in the online world. I was coached on things I needed to change in my business in order to attract my perfect client. For example, I created a whole new blog and whole new system to write my blog. I stopped trying to be the mad scientist talking about the science behind nutrition and fitness – it is so not me – and I started sharing stories so that people could relate to me.

Don’t we all just want to be around people who get us?!

It didn’t just stop there. I created programs, started to do public speaking (one of my favorite things to do!) hosted webinars, and slowly but surely started to build my tribe of clients that would fall in love with me and me with them.

I knew this was something I could never come away from. I could no longer run my business the way I was, I knew I needed a Village to thrive!

In 2014 I continued on with Jill in her Alumni program. Many of the girls did as well, so once again I had my head coach and my teammates pushing me, supporting me, and keeping me accountable. It was amazing and I am forever grateful for the experience… it literally changed my business from the InsideOut.

This same year I also branched out and hired people like Amy Porterfield, Sandi Krakowski, Kris Carr, and Melanie Duncan. I was on a mission to learn the online space and perfect doing business as an online entrepreneur. In the beginning of 2014 my Facebook page was only at 500 people, by the end of 2014 it was well over 7500k!

This is the difference between going it alone versus having a Village of people backing you up.

In September of 2014 Jill asked me to come on over to the other side!!! LOL ~ she asked me to become the very first Best of You Coaching Club business coach and support the girls of 2015!


I was like HELL YES!!!! I was beyond excited. I love coaching women on nutrition, fitness, and mindset but I also knew I had an obligation to share and teach other women everything I have learned over the last 7-years of building my own brand. I knew I could help women go from point A to point B way quicker than if they were home alone with their coffee and PC.

2015 has been an amazing year. I have continued to learn all things online business. One thing I will tell you is NEVER stop learning. Hire coaches, join programs on things you hate or are stuck on, put yourself out their and mastermind. You will never regret it and your business will thank you for it over and over! I know it is scary to spend the money, but going it alone doesn’t make it impossible, but it definitely makes it harder and longer.

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The human spirit can only take so much. We need to be affirmed. The feeling of someone supporting you or telling you “great job” – I don’t care how old you are – it never gets old. We need that encouragement. We need to know we are heading in the right direction – why do you think we all love Google Maps!? You would never get into you car and guess which way to go. Guessing will always take you longer, having the Google App – well that simply removes all the questions and you can sit back and enjoy the ride!

So, who is in your Village? Who are the people who are setting you on a course for greatness? If you are still just going it alone, if it’s still just you and your PC, I then want to ask you why? What is holding you back from embracing your dreams and living the life you have always wanted!?

It was scary hiring my first coach. I almost didn’t feel worthy of spending thousands of dollars on a coach because in the back of my mind I always had that question “What if I fail?” But, honestly I got to a point in my business that I knew 100% that those negative thoughts and beliefs were totally going to come true if I didn’t make the choice to hire a coach and get the guidance I needed… I DESERVED!

It came down to if not now…when? For me, it was getting to that point where I was going to have to fold and move onto something I didn’t’ want to do and really that was not an option. I want to live a thriving happy kick ass life! Don’t you?

So, start building your Village. Here are some ideas to get you started with or without money:

  • For now, if you don’t have the money, how about friends? Who is a friend or two that always gives you sound advice. Seek them out. Meet for coffee, share your ideas, share your sales pages and ask them what they take away from them. Who in your family is your go to for motivation or the kick in the ass you need? Have weekly calls with them. You don’t have to spend the money, you may be surprised how the people who are right in front of you can push you to greatness!

  • Change up your work environment. Work at Starbucks. Park at the lake and do some work there. Get out of your office. When you change things up you think differently. You may be motivated by the people around you. We feed off the energy that is around us. If it is just you and your PC day in and day out you most definitely need an energy booster!

  • If you don’t have the money for a coach, look into small lower priced programs. Ask yourself “What is one area of the online space I need to understand better?” Maybe it’s over-all marketing, email marketing, sales funnels, social media, program design and development. Whatever it may be pick one and higher someone or join a program that addresses that alone. There are many $97 dollar programs out there that will teach you amazing things.

  • If you have the funds and are ready to take your business to a whole new level go for it. Hire the coach that you love. Follow a few people, learn their style, hire the person who gets you! This is super important! I promise, if you find the right person for you, this will be the big change you have been waiting for in your business and your life!

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The most successful people in the online space have a village of people they rely on. Some of the best Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, Jill Coleman, Derek Halpern, Melanie Duncan, and many more – you will see them over and over and they are always masterminding – gathering with other like-minded entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and maintain a thriving business. They never go it alone. As they make more and more money, they hire people who then become their village… the point being, it truly takes a village to create and maintain a thriving online business from the InsideOut!


My 9-month coaching program is coming soon in January 2016. Be the first to know all the details join my waiting list!