Multiplying Your Income Exponentially With These 5 Steps

You’ve probably been building your business for some time.

You’ve had some success and some failures, we all do.

You’ve definitely learned a ton. The most important lesson being, you know, with 100% certainty THIS is what you’re meant to do.

So, here you are, reading this blog because of one reason…

 you want more.

You want to take your business to that next level. You want to bust through your personal growth ceiling and step into your next best version of you. You and I both know, as you grow so does your business. Meaning, you have more confidence, clients, and income coming in on a regular basis.

What can often happen when business owners get to this transitional place is they get stuck. Stuck in thought with fear, anxiety over all the what if’s, and overwhelm with how to prepare to make this next level move.

Here’s the good news… you DO NOT have to make massive change. Your next quantum leap is something that is available to you right now. You don’t need more certifications, schooling, experience, etc. You simply need to decide that now is the time.

Now, this might mean you need to shake up some of those beliefs you have around achieving success. Such as:

  • In order to achieve success you must honor the process
  • Step-by-step… one step building on the next
  • Work harder to attain your next level
  • Do more of what works

I am not saying this doesn’t work, but if you’re really looking for exponential growth you have to shake things up and step out of your comfort zone and do things differently.

Here are 5 Steps To Multiplying Your Income Exponentially Without Massive Change


What I mean is, you can spend a ton of time doing MORE of the same things in order to make an incremental jump in revenue OR you can try something completely new and different that will massively impact your results.

The harder you try doesn’t necessarily guarantee a bigger payoff. In fact, the harder and harder you try often creates a diminishing return on your efforts. Just think about the Turtle and the Hare. Just because the Hare was working harder and harder by running faster and faster, in the end, he lost momentum. He had a diminishing return on his efforts.

Quantum leaps don’t require you to work harder, they require a shift in thinking and behavior.

It’s about dropping your faith in the familiar and instead being vigilant about breaking old patterns. If something isn’t working, trying to do it harder or more, doesn’t mean it will make it work. More importantly, just because it looks like it may be working for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

It’s about ignoring what everyone else is doing and go against the status quo.


This may come as a surprise, but quantum leaps are usually found in the simple, precise, efficient… there is a level of ease in a quantum leap. It’s not something you hustle, toil, and struggle through. It is the solutions that you already have, you just need to effectively execute them. 

If you’ve been trading time for money, this might sound preposterous. Like, ‘How in the heck could I massively grow my income and not hustle my tail off?’

I get it. In fact, I used to think the very same thing.

The truth is, in my very first successful 6-figure launch, I felt like I was having an outer body experience. The ease, the simplicity, the efficiency… it was totally new to me. There were a few times I thought to myself, “This can’t be happening!” 

This is exactly how your quantum leap should feel. You see, this is why you don’t have to massively change everything. When you’re ready to exponentially grow, everything in your life and business is set up and prepared for it as well. 

Simple. Easy. Flowing. That my friend, is what your quantum leap should feel like.


Here is where things might get a little woo-woo, but honestly, this is THE most important step.

We all have unspoken boundaries. They are usually beliefs we have brought into from our parents or other family members. They are stories around money, time, possibility etc. If you truly want to grow exponentially, you must violate these boundaries. 

What I have found, in working with hundreds of women, from ALL over the world, this is the number one thing holding them back from their quantum leap. They are living in boxes filled with other people’s, (usually their parents) stories of fear, unworthiness, disempowerment, and so much more. They are ridden with boundaries that are keeping them small. 

Raise your hand if you can relate. I know I can. And violating these boundaries takes time and work. I would say, out of all the steps required to quantum leap THIS is the hardest one. And yet, the most powerful and necessary.

In order to create new boundaries that breed success you must give yourself permission to dream and dream BIG. You must allow yourself to take risks. It means, you must learn to think beyond your current reality and create a burning desire for MORE… more than you ever dared to dream. 

Violating the boundaries, that up until now, have only been keeping you small means you must surrender in order to break free. Surrender old beliefs, habits, and behaviors that are no longer serving you.

It may not make sense or even feel like the “right thing” but in many ways, quantum leaps won’t always make sense, that’s why they’re exponential and not incremental conventionals paths to growth.

Bottom line… get out of the box!


Once you’re out of the “box” you may have a moment of panic. It’s totally normal. Quite frankly, you’re going against the norm and initially it won’t feel so comfortable.

Our brain will always want to pull us back to the norm. The brain loves habits and once we try to change these habits of staying small, playing it safe, and keeping with the status quo, it will fight us.

A simple solution, create more powerful thoughts to override your limiting beliefs. In the book The Conscious Language The Logos Of Now – Robert Tennyson Stevens talks about “upgrading our beliefs through our language and thoughts”  this is a spiritual workout and where the most powerful work needs to happen in order to go to places of the unknown. The places that our quantum leaps take us.

Studies have shown that most of us only use 10% of our full potential. Now, you and I can agree with this and many have and will use it as their excuse – unconsciously. But, if we just go with the status quo here then we will always fall victim to the self doubts of our true potential.

In order to achieve the level of success you desire, you must release the mental junk and refill your brain with new beliefs of achievement, success, abundance. You must go ALL IN on believing you are meant for this and fight any fear of disbelief.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you yourself will be convinced that this quantum leap is possible for you. In fact, it might mean you have to not believe anything, but instead act as if.

Act ‘as if’ you’re a raving success. Abundance is yours. You are a master at your craft and people flock to you. Money flows to you joyfully and effortlessly. Repeat this daily and reprogram your brain and let your actions clearly communicate to your brain you 100% believe in your success with complete conviction.

It is through your language of positivity and certainty that you can reprogram your beliefs. You must commit and practice daily.


In order to reach success beyond your wildest imagination, it must be worth it. It must mean something so powerful to you… it must have a critical impact on ALL involved.

We talk in terms of having a strong WHY. Or having passion for what you do in order to lead with purpose. YES to all of that.

This passion for what you do is what will keep you fired up and hyper focused on your journey to exponential growth. I call it the wind beneath your entrepreneurial wings.

In order to find that passion you must be willing to loosen the grip on your normal thinking patterns and be available to break free and claim what it is you REALLY want from this life.

No one wants to make 7 figures just to say they have a million dollars in the bank. That would be boring. If we look at money as a means we can intimately connect it to the impact we want to make in this world through the work we do.

This… this is what will fire you up when times get challenging. This is what will fire you up when the mindset gremlins come marching in with news of self doubt and ‘less than’ reminders. It can’t just be about the money. The money has to be a catalyst to your something great – to the overall impact you want to make to you, your clients, your family, to this world…

Here’s the bottom line: your “something more” is already inside of you. In most cases, you don’t have to change your systems, strategies, or even your marketing. It’s more about you getting more conscious, confident, and consistent with the way you approach your business.

Quantum leaps happen when you fully show up for yourself and take the risk, even when your reality is making you question your abilities.

This is not about a 10%-20% incremental jumps. It’s about 100%-1000% jumps. It comes quickly and is backed with very little logic, sense, or expectation.

In order for this to happen you must act as if and focus more on the end rather than the means. It takes faith and trust and a whole bunch of uncomfortableness. But, girl, you were born for this so lean in and embrace it.

Happy Quantum Leaping!
Mare, xo

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