My 5 Ways To Sell More Confidently

Do you love what you do and want to do more of it?


As coaches of course we love what we do.


We chose this career path and we give it everything we have on a daily basis.


We inspire, educate, and help bring people to their very best self.


We’re pretty amazing, if I do say so myself!


But, there is a whole other aspect to our role as coach that’s actually just as important as the coaching itself.




I know, I am sure 80% of you cringed.

We don’t necessarily like this part of our biz. In fact, most women hate asking for money even when it comes to selling their very own services.


There is no way around this and I’m going to challenge you to stop avoiding sales and start loving it.


Don’t get me wrong, I totally get it, asking for money was not always my jam either, but I’ve learned that sales is more than that, sales is your opportunity to service your client and bring them into their greatness. 


Powerful stuff eeh! 


Here are my 5 ways to sell more confidently:

  1. Come from a place of service – you’re not only selling, you’re actually offering one of the most important relationships your client could have. Coaches change lives! This is no small task. What you do with your clients make their lives better, make their finances better, make their relationships better… should I go on?

    We cover a lot of ground with our people to bring them accelerated success. This success trickles into everything else in their life. Your coaching is a service and instead of thinking about pitching a sale, think about how your services will completely change their lives. This changes the difficulty factor doesn’t it?

  2. Believe in your ability – you can’t expect people to buy into you if you don’t believe you’re possible. This is an issue with many coaches.

    I coach a woman who has been struggling to get clients. The other day I said “{NAME} how possible do you believe filling your 1:1 coaching program is?” Her response: “It’s hard to say.” If it’s hard to say, it’s hard to believe. If you think your potential buyer isn’t reading into that, think again.  You must come with confidence. Your potential client is looking to you for trust, knowledge, and support – if you’re wavering on trusting in yourself, what can you expect from them?

  3. Practice – selling doesn’t come naturally to all, I get that. So practice. Get a friend, family member, or peer and practice 3 hours per week minimum. Get on calls and create different scenario’s; money issues, time, commitment, mindset. Practice working through each one. I highly suggest not telling your practice buddy what to have an issue with, let them surprise you and let the call take on a natural flow. This will be a game changer for you. A) You will get safe feedback on the spot. B) You will be able to be prepared for whatever a potential client throws at you on an actual call. Practice, practice, and then practice again!

  4. Know your money story – why, because resistance to sell often comes from your own beliefs around money.
    –What does the thought of managing money do to you?
    –Do you get anxious when you want to invest in something?
    –Have you said no to investments around your business that you know would have made a difference?
    –What are your money beliefs and where did they come from?When you become aware of your very own money blockers, you will be able to start changing your belief around money.

    It is not uncommon that people who have a scarcity mindset around money, fear selling or exchanging money with others.

  5. Have a purpose for your money – when you know why you want to make that extra $5k you are more driven to make it happen. Money purpose is powerful, it emotionally anchors us to the mission of making a certain amount of money. When you track your money, be sure to add a column for PURPOSE – for example if you want to make an additional $5k write in where every penny would go to – this is a money momentum game changer for sure. Knowing the purpose of your money allows you to also be more focused on why making a certain amount of sales matters. It gives you the motivation to confidently make the sale!

Struggling to sell online can have a lot to do with your wealth consciousness level. The very thing we want… more money, we avoid. In my *NEW* 8-Week Product To Profit Course I will help you expand your money mindset and see your limitless potential. A confident sales person not only knows there market (we will be deep diving into this in PTP) but they also are keenly aware of their relationship with money.

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To Your Success!

Maryalice, xo