People Need You

I remember when I took on my first nutrition and fitness client, I was OVER the moon excited.


Like, yes someone knows I exist.


Someone likes what I’m offer and they trust me to give it to them.


Ahh, it was the best feeling in the world.


As I worked with this woman more and more was revealed to me.


This wasn’t about me.


She needed me and the more I worked with her and listened to her struggles I knew that without me she could potentially get worse.


She was very obese. High stress with a corporate job, aging mother, an active child in sports and of course just living life.


There were a lot of components that were feeding into the overall issue of her health, or lack thereof.


The point being, when I realized the impact I was making on her I knew I wanted to do this over and over again for women everywhere.


I knew I was needed.


Do you realize how needed you are?


For sure this is a mindset shift, but one that will change your entire business.


We don’t just sell things – we offer people an opportunity to change their life for the better.


If we don’t get out there and let people know what we have to offer (sell) then it’s going to be hard to help.


Why do you do what you do?


I am sure on some level (some deeper than others) you want to help change someone’s life.


One of the reasons I fell in love with business coaching is it gives me the opportunity to help you become a better coach, get out there more, and help a ton of people.


It means I am right along with you helping a ton of people, more people than I could do on my own.


This is powerful for me.


As I help you develop and grow your business you get the opportunity to affect people in a positive way. Together we are reaching the masses… I LOVE THAT!


Here are some questions to ponder when it comes to your mindset around your coaching practice:

  1. What do you have that they want?
  2. What problem do you solve?
  3. What is your special something-something?
  4. Why not you?


Remember this, there is no one in this world like you, and the people who follow and love you truly need you. They need your unique approach to coaching, your values and the way you weave them into everything you do, and your passion for what you do and how you do it – let that shine.


When we show up in this world allowing our strengths – our special something-something shine, our people find us, follow us, and eventually fall in love with us.


Remember, you are needed so get out there and let them know where you are so you can help someone find their best life yet!


It’s not about how many sales you can make, it’s about how many lives can you change in a positive way!!!


To Your Success,
Maryalice, xo

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