Proven Goal Achievement Strategy!

Take a deep breath… missing goals may not be the worst thing after all.


I know that may sound crazy coming from a business coach, but I truly mean that.


Not every goal you set is meant to be achieved… in fact there are some goals that should never be made as they are simply not aligned with your mission in your biz and in life.


Now, don’t get me wrong; I actually love goals.


I was a marathoner for years. I’ve built a thriving online business and I am also a wife and mom – all of these things take setting goals and working everyday to be the very best version of yourself.


But, what if I told you the way we humans go about our goals may not be doing us the justice we had hoped?


What if I told you that in 2016 I learned a better way. A way that has doubled my income from 2015 in the first half of 2016.


Would that have you like “WAH?”


Well, it most certainly should.


You see I never quite had a full handle on setting long term goals and staying the course to actually achieve them.


I would say things like, “In 5 years I want be fully online, running a thriving online business.”


But, then there was the how, the patience it required to get there, and everything in between.


There were many days when my goals seemed impossible. I would get distracted, all the what if’s, and the self doubt would creep in and then the inevitable inaction.


It was a vicious cycle.


But then in December of 2015 I was scrolling through Facebook (yes, shiny squirrel syndrome for sure) and I came across an ad. I clicked the link and…


… and when I got to 7:38 of Todd’s breakthrough training video, it completely OBLITERATED everything I thought I knew about goal setting and achievement.


It made me realize that everything I achieved in my business actually came in spite of setting goals.


Not because of them.


And had I only approached my goals in this way, not only would I have achieved MORE in FAR less time…


… but I would have done so with more clarity, predictability and less leaked energy.


So if setting S.M.A.R.T goals has long drawn your suspicion…


And you’re ready to ditch them in favor of a proven goal ACHIEVEMENT system.


Then join me in watching Todd’s first training video, and learn:


The 3 reasons why SMART goals are a surefire way to sabotage your success in 2016 (ever notice how millions of business owners set them, yet only a handful ever achieve something on a large scale?)

The hidden “leak” in your day-to-day routine that may be robbing you of up to 80% of your productive efficiency… and how to instantly patch it up for good.

The “Nike Paradox” and why the pervasive “just do it” business battlecry is short sighted and even disastrous in helping you sustain long term, continual achievement.

The subtle differences between the OW and WOW mindsets, and how with just a few simple tweaks you can move from a self-sabotaging, anxiety-driven entrepreneur caught in the constant comparison trap… to a confident, motivated, constantly-improving high performer.

Why setting goals beyond 90 days sucks all the air out of your motivation, leads to crippling procrastination, and goes against the way your brain is naturally wired.


This is the most proven and advanced achievement material previously hoarded by only the world’s highest performers.


And now, not only has Todd democratized it for the rest of us…


… but he’s presented it in super-elegant, easy to digest training.


Dive in now and take the very first step in becoming a top performer in your life and business.


Oh, forgive me, wondering who this Todd guy is?


He is my mentor, Todd Herman,  a.k.a Da Man! Simply put, he’s the BEST, no-bs, Peak Performance Coach you’ve never heard of.




Because while all the “mindset gurus” and “self help starlets” were busy spamming your inbox with one pseudo-scientific claim after another…


… Todd was in the real world trenches, showing up day in and day out on the world’s most pressure-packed stages, coaching professional athletes, Olympians, Fortune 100 CEO’S, and high-level entrepreneurs on how to perform when the stakes are highest.


He’s dug into the science… and even brought on third-party Harvard researchers to independently validate the claims of his systems.


All in a singular effort to make YOUR success in 2016 quite simply… inevitable.


Here’s your first step in making that happen.


To Your Success (and realistic goals!)

*I am a graduate and proud affiliate for Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year. If you were to purchase this program I may receive a commission.