So It’s Usually Right About Now that New Year’s resolutions Go Out the Window.

The old habits start pulling on the brain and the brain is like “Hell no, this is so hard I just want to go back to the way we were!”


Can you feel me?


I have been there and I know far too well the mental aerobics that takes place to try and stay the course.

Whether it’s weight loss, playing bigger in your biz, or simply trying to keep your office desk organized, (that’s always a fun one right!?) it can sometimes feel like torture and we humans don’t do that feeling too well.


In fact, I would argue we do everything in our power to feel as comfortable as possible don’t we?


So what is one to do?


How do you make lasting change that will allow you to be productive and successful in what you’re trying to achieve?


Here are a few things that can help:

  1. Each morning do a massive brain dump. You can use a journal, you can record on your voice notes on your phone, or even set up your video and record yourself talking.

    Be sure to get it all out. What is frustrating you? What are you most afraid of? Who are you in this moment and who do you really want to be?

    Clearing the mind can be so beneficial in preventing overwhelm, which by the way is one of the reasons your brain can’t deal with new habits or change. So, make this a priority!
  2. What do you desire 2017 to be for you? Really visualize everything; business, money, relationships, travel – if that’s your thing, attitude, health, spirituality, self-care, intellectually… where do you want to go in every way this year?

    Be sure to write it all out and be as clear and specific as possible. This will allow you to anchor in on what it is you desire therefore, eliminating anything that really doesn’t matter. Again, relieving the brain of overthinking!
  3. Now that you know what is potentially holding you back – frustration, fear, how you want to show up in this world, you know your desires – your crystal clear desires – now it’s time to break it up into smaller increments.

    I love doing things in 90-days, it’s just enough planning without the overwhelm (are you seeing the theme here!?).

    How can you start taking action to achieve these goals with well thought out actions steps. It could be as simple as 1) Look into the cost of the ski trip to Colorado and come up with a variety of scenarios.

    It could be 2) Start to walk 3x per week to get moving.

    Or maybe start to research a coach and hire someone by March 1st.

    It’s not about moving mountains for long term success, it’s about making yourself possible by clearing the way, making a plan, and being true to yourself.

    This is why some are successful in their endeavors and some are not.


2017 doesn’t have to be like every other year. In fact, I would argue with everything happening in the world it could possibly be the greatest year of change.


You don’t have to keep falling off your ‘new year’s resolution wagon’; follow the steps above and create the success you desire in your life.


If you like to learn more about how business coaching can help you stay the course and even accelerate your results click here and fill out my chemistry call application and schedule a call. I look forward to connecting with you.


To Your Success,
Maryalice, xo