social media for your biz

Build a strong following with these easy to use social media tips!

Social media can accelerate your business or kill it… no joke!


When we try to be everywhere we end up nowhere. Creative fatigue is a serious problem amongst online entrepreneurs. This is partly due to the thought that in order to grow your following you MUST be on all platforms.

STOP – this is so not true! Here are some realistic tips I share with my clients when it comes to building their following


  1. Use social media to invite people where you are but more important to funnel people into your email… period! If you think you’re going to be able to sell your products and services as a coach via social media… think again. It is extremely rare that cold traffic will buy from your Facebook page or your Istagram account.

    So, what should you be doing? Using your social media accounts to get your followers into your email. Your email is filled with people who know, like, and trust you – well, initially they know and they think they like you… the trust is built overtime.

    The more you are consistent and show up in their email box with amazing content, well then my friend, the trust is sealed and now they are just waiting for you to make an offer. Seriously, this is how this whole online space works.

    Use your social media platforms as funnels and grow the trust factor within your emails!

  2. Grow one platform and stop trying to be everywhere. This is such a common disastrous mistake entrepreneurs make. If you want to burn yourself out try to be everywhere on social media.

    Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. Grow one single platform. Make it amazing and then those followers will happily go wherever you are!

    It is that simple.

If you keep trying to be everywhere, coming up with amazing content for each platform, oh and keeping up with your emails, and blogs… gurl – you are headed for complete silence. You will have nothing left to say.

Pace yourself. Let people build that know, like, and trust in one place. You may never have to move to any other platform or when you build a team you can have them help you invite people into your business from other platforms.


For now, do yourself and your business a favor, stick with one.


  1. Choose the best platform for your personality and your business. Not all platforms are built the same. It’s important you choose one that has the most activity, ease of use, and suits your personality.

    This is why I always recommend Facebook, especially if you’re just starting out.


It basically offers everything that all the other platforms have all in one place. With 1.59 billion users who sign on an average of 14 times per day, Facebook offers endless possibilities to grow your tribe.


I strongly suggest you start there and keep inviting people off Facebook into your email.


  1. Be consistent! There is not much more I can say about this except being consistent means in frequency and messaging. Be sure when you show up it’s often (daily on social media and a minimum of 1x per week for email). Your message needs to be spot on.  

    Don’t show up talking about Life Coaching one week and then the following week push make-up products on me. This is a big no-no. People are looking to find that coach that they can know, like, and trust. The best way to do that is clarity of your message and consistency with showing up.


Growing your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Make boundaries that will fuel your energy and allow you to pace yourself so that you can grow your following with ease.
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To Your Success,
Maryalice, xo