Staying In The Moment

Part of accepting where you are is embracing your journey and allowing yourself to BE in the moment. We often want to stay stuck in the past or leap forward into our future… the bottom line for most of us is its not comfortable just BEING.


Staying in the moment requires awareness, silence, and introspection. Staying in the moment may be challenging especially if you are struggling. You may be in pain emotionally or physically. Maybe you may are facing your biggest life challenge and you are afraid of what’s to come.


Going inward would force you to actually feel these emotions and address them. This can be scary. For others, noise has become their focus. When they rise in the morning they turn on the news, they get into their car and turn on their radio, then they get to work and they are talking all day long. Just to get back in the car and turn the radio on, get back home and turn on the TV, and very often fall asleep to the TV on… noise, noise, and more noise.

Staying in the moment requires practice, patience, and compassion. It requires you giving yourself some one on one attention… it is in our quietest moments that we are able to hear the needs of our soul. This is really important. This is the connection we need to make decisions in our life to actually create a better life. You deserve that!

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Today, start to practice staying in the moment; let the fear dissipate, allow the past to stay in the past, and truly allow yourself to feel your feelings. Do you need to cry like a baby? Then do it. Do you need to stomp your feet and be angry? Let it happen. Do you need some TLC? Then give it to yourself. Today is your day to be mindful of the moment…Today allow the inside – your emotions – to come out and don’t push them away, address what you need at the moment…Be still and trust all will be ok. xo ~ Maryalice