Success Is In The Air

Ahh, as 2017 approaches can’t you smell the endless opportunity?


I am not a big believer in the whole NEW YEAR – NEW YOU approach but I definitely feel when a new year begins it gives us the opportunity to plan for what’s to come. Versus when a year is ending, it gives the opportunity to look back and see all we’ve accomplished.


It’s bittersweet really. For the things we’ve accomplished we can now check off as complete and then look to the future for what’s next.


As business owners it’s critical to look ahead strategically. Here are a few tips on how to plan your 2017.


#1 Start with your biggest event or program in mind.  Knowing what premium offer you have is critical as everything you do could be a potential feeder into it.


#2 Think of all the different ways you can market this offering. Think inside and outside the box. Meaning, yes you can use typical online strategies of opt ins, FB Live’s, email marketing etc. But what about in person events where you can find your ideal client? This could be incredibly beneficial. Plus it gets you out from your laptop into the world… a little socializing does the body good.


Go to and look for local events and also spread your wings a bit and look in other major cities as well. You never know who you can meet.


#3 Create tiered offerings that will allow people who aren’t quite ready for your premium programs to have the opportunity to work with you but not have to sell their second child. Totally kidding!


Think of smaller amount of time, maybe slightly less 1:1 contact, with a decreased investment overall. This allows you to have multiple ways to make money and gives your people an opportunity to have a variety of levels to choose from.


You may want to consider launching something like this two times per year or even consider open enrollment as a downsell for people who can’t afford 1:1 or premium offerings that are offered throughout the year.


#4 You also want to consider ‘one off’ type offerings such as Masterclasses, Webinars, and even paid Challenges. These are a much lower investment for your clients but they serve them in value and you in growing the know, like, and trust.


Depending on your business model there are so many different ways your planning can go. No matter what, the most important thing is to have a plan.


In my Go Getters Mentorship the guess work is taken out and replaced with a clear and well defined roadmap for your business. We take January and February to create your business plan and your goals for 2017.  I then take you through a succinct process of breaking this plan up into quarters.


To further simplify this, we break this up into 90-day goals, tasks, and a clear roadmap, so you never have to wonder what you should be doing to move your business forward again.


Coaching will have a profound impact on your business. It does take working with the right coach for sure… Click here and let’s find out if you and I have what it takes to create the sweet smell of success in your business.


To Your Success,