Create The Life You Love

If you could have your dream life, what would that look like?   Really think about this…   …dare to dream BIG and hold nothing back.   In my chemistry calls I always ask the women I am speaking to to tell me what their dream situation would be.   I tell them to dream big and not hold anything … Read More

The Disconnect With Women and Money… It’s No Joke!

More and more I am seeing and hearing the disconnect women have with money and their own self-worth. We’re fine with coloring our hair, getting our nails done, and even getting a facial now and again… but when it comes to outright asking for what we’re worth it’s a no.   I speak to women all the time and I’ll … Read More

Are You Strangling Your Business?

You started a business and now it’s on!   That feeling of “I WANT TO MAKE MONEY ASAP OR ELSE?”   You feel the pressure from the inside out. The level of stress you’re under is all consuming and in reality you’re setting yourself up for the perfect storm. It goes something like this….   • You start a business … Read More

I’m Calling BS On Solopreneurs Making It Seem So Easy!

I’m calling BS on all the Solopreneurs out there who are selling their life as easy and balanced.   Well, maybe if you have been at this for quite some time by now you have it more balanced, but I will tell you, if you are just getting started, there is no such thing as balance.   I know that … Read More