Fear and Doubt Are The Enemy Of Self-Trust

When we question our ability, we make a clear declaration that we don’t trust, fully, that we can. We are resistant to the belief we are possible. We sit in fear outlining all the reasons we will potentially fail.    When we put more faith in our fear and panic we turn our back to believing in who we are. Self-trust … Read More

4-Critical Elements of Our Souls

Something I learned a while back was in order for me to really know *ME* I had to take time each day to address 4-critical elements of my soul: Intellectual Physical Emotional Spiritual When we take time to nurture these 4 aspects of our life we are able to tune in to the person we really are. We are able … Read More

Slow Down, Tune In, and Thrive From The InsideOut!

As one day leads into the next, life kind of ‘gets away from us’. Weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. Suddenly we can find ourselves living but lacking in the ability to THRIVE! The beauty is, it is never too late to become aware, to become more mindful. When we speak of ‘purpose’ you may think, “what … Read More

Staying In The Moment

Part of accepting where you are is embracing your journey and allowing yourself to BE in the moment. We often want to stay stuck in the past or leap forward into our future… the bottom line for most of us is its not comfortable just BEING.     Staying in the moment requires awareness, silence, and introspection. Staying in the … Read More