Success Is In The Air

Ahh, as 2017 approaches can’t you smell the endless opportunity?   I am not a big believer in the whole NEW YEAR – NEW YOU approach but I definitely feel when a new year begins it gives us the opportunity to plan for what’s to come. Versus when a year is ending, it gives the opportunity to look back and … Read More

How’s That Client Hustle Working For Ya?

If everyday you’re waking up (or worse yet, not able to fall asleep) wondering how you will find clients, you’re in the throws of the client hustle… like it or not.   You can’t get your mind off of how you will keep this schedule up.   You go over and over in your mind how you will pay for … Read More

I Know I Need a Coach But Where Do I Even Begin to Find One?

Hiring a coach to help you level up in your business is a serious decision. This is definitely not something you should take lightly.   Making an investment in your business means you’re allowing yourself to believe your business is possible and no matter what you’re going for it.   You’re not messing around.   So, why would you make … Read More

How to Make Your Followers Swoon Over You

If you’re building or maintaining an online business, one of your top priorities is your audience.   On any given day you think: >How do I increase my followers? >How do I give them awesome content? >How do I turn my followers into paying clients?   It’s a process that involves clarity, consistency, and connections.   Let’s talk clarity…   … Read More