social media for your biz

Build a strong following with these easy to use social media tips! Social media can accelerate your business or kill it… no joke!   When we try to be everywhere we end up nowhere. Creative fatigue is a serious problem amongst online entrepreneurs. This is partly due to the thought that in order to grow your following you MUST be … Read More

I’m Calling BS On Solopreneurs Making It Seem So Easy!

I’m calling BS on all the Solopreneurs out there who are selling their life as easy and balanced.   Well, maybe if you have been at this for quite some time by now you have it more balanced, but I will tell you, if you are just getting started, there is no such thing as balance.   I know that … Read More

Do This One Thing & Go From Crickets To Fanfare On Your Blog

Hello….Is Anybody Out There?   Do you ever get this feeling? You put your best creative work out on your blog and social media for all the world to read. You write it all out, make your edits, and think “This is frigging awesome, people are going to love this?” You even read it once or twice more, because, hell, … Read More

7-Fixes To Be A Successful Novice Online Entreprenuer

You have that jaw-dropping , slap yo momma kind of idea, you tell all your peers, friends, and family they all frigging love it. But why doesn’t anyone else? Why can’t you seem to make a sale?   Sound familiar?       Of course it sounds familiar, it’s you, it’s me, it is every entrepreneur that every walked this … Read More