7 Steps to Creating a Killer Post

We all want our social media posts to kill it.   High engagement and how about a private message like, “Oh your post on XYZ really made me think, I would love to work with you!” Those are the best.   We put a lot of time and effort into what we do, so of course we do it with … Read More

How To Make Every Client Feel Like Your Only One

As coaches it is our role to make our clients feel supported. We are their go-to people who will assist them in reaching their fullest potential.   It’s serious shoes to fill for sure!   But how can we make every client feel like they’re our only ones? Between coaching calls, emails, editing copy on sales pages, websites, Facebook ads … Read More

People Need You

I remember when I took on my first nutrition and fitness client, I was OVER the moon excited.   Like, yes someone knows I exist.   Someone likes what I’m offer and they trust me to give it to them.   Ahh, it was the best feeling in the world.   As I worked with this woman more and more … Read More

Crossroads Of Life

That moment when you are faced with a decision, you can either go all in or you can stay comfortable and remain right where you are.   Aah, this crossroad is a powerful place to be – well, if you allow it to be.    It means that change is a-comin.   But change is a choice, it requires you … Read More