The Difference Between Wanting And Desiring Success.

There was a moment in my business when I realized… I wasn’t ready. I wanted things, I had strong desires, but I wasn’t truly ready to receive them.


This may sound strange because doesn’t the fact that we have a desire in the first place automatically mean we want it and we’ll do whatever it takes to get it?

Yes and no.


Yes, it means you want something but it doesn’t mean you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. You’ll do whatever it takes to get it when you’re fully ready to make it happen.


What I realized was, I wanted to make lots of money and work with lots of clients but what that actually looked like I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t clear with my purpose – my why – and therefore I wasn’t fully open to receiving it.


I know, it all sounds a bit woo-woo, but stick with me for a second.


Have you ever shopped for something and it took minutes to find? Maybe it was the perfect dress or those new Fall boots? You had the vision, or you saw it in a magazine and you knew, that was what you wanted. You went in tried it on, confirmed it was the one, and made the purchase. Easy breezy!


It’s the same with our businesses. The most successful people have a vision. They know what they want, what it will take, and how they will go about getting there.


Their desire is more than a yearning, it is happening with every step they take. They are that clear and their purpose is so defined that they are ready and willing to receive it to be. Success must be something that is non-negotiable. Wanting is the act of desiring something you don’t have. A desire is a means of claiming and co-creating your outcomes.


In order to fully do this, you must be ready in every way!


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To Your Success,