The Disconnect With Women and Money… It’s No Joke!

More and more I am seeing and hearing the disconnect women have with money and their own self-worth. We’re fine with coloring our hair, getting our nails done, and even getting a facial now and again… but when it comes to outright asking for what we’re worth it’s a no.


I speak to women all the time and I’ll ask, “How much money would you like to make in the next 6 months?”


They start to move around in their seat. Fiddle with their hair. Say lots of ‘um’s’ and repeat a few times; “Oh gosh, I don’t know.”


RIght there… the “I don’t know.” is where a major part of the problem lies. If you can’t see it, it will be extremely hard to achieve it.


Knowing what you want – the EXACT number, why you want it – what will it do for your life, and when you want to achieve this, is imperative to embrace the money you deserve.


There is something that stirs within for the majority of women when it comes to money.


I know, I was exactly the same way. I saw asking for money as scary, bad, and even creating a divide between a potential client and myself – as if money will put a negative rift in our relationship.


What was I thinking? What are we all thinking?


There is no business without money. So, with that said, how do we make this better? How do we master our money conversations and instead of cringe allow money to create opportunities?


The good news is it’s possible the bad news is it’s a process!


Like any other change you make in your life it takes steps. When I realized I was in a dysfunctional relationship with money this time last year, I knew if I wanted to make the money I desired I needed to create a pivotal change in my beliefs around money.

In short, here is what I did:

  1. Created a belief journal with positive affirmations where I wrote ‘as if’ it already happened. All about abundance of money, time, clients, health, love – remember wealth is not ONLY about money – to be truly wealthy it takes all things intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical.
  2. Nurtured what I wanted by looking at my numbers.
    • I created an excel spreadsheet from Jan-Dec
    • I put columns for tax write offs, personal investments, income, money saved, and a column to where this money is going.
    • I looked at my bank account multiple times per week… this was HUGE, I hated looking at my bank account.
  1. Visualized myself receiving & giving money. Taking on new amazing clients. Surprising my family with trips. Giving to charity and feeling incredible doing so.
  2. Set 90-day goals each month and created a plan to achieve those goals. Making our goals of wealth, health, love, organization etc. small and precise is super helpful, I encourage you to do the same, especially if you’re feeling like everything you attempt doesn’t come to full fruition.  
  3. Practiced. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! When the thought would come, “That’s too expensive!” I would re-say it, “I am abundantly wealthy and have all I want and desire.”
    Or when a bill would come in I would open the mail and think, “Ugh” and then quickly re-say it, “There’s more where that came from.”
  4. Finally, I educated myself. What you nurture grows and so reading about money, learning about strategies on saving, investing, and manifesting has been PROFOUND! Here are 3 books I highly recommend:
    • Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
    • The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles
    • Conscious Language The Logos of Now by Robert Tennyson Stevens


Feeling good enough to ask for what you’re worth takes time, coaching, support and endless practice. This is something we will be tackling in our November orientation call for the Go Getters Mentorship.


On this call we will discuss:


  • How to start making the change to nurture your money and change your relationship now! 
  • My exact tracking system that was totally eye opening in making me realize the positive energy of money and what it means in terms of my business and my life. 
  • Why as a coach it is also our obligation to coach our clients through their own internal money conflict, no matter what niche you’re in. So, if you can’t ask for money how can you possibly coach others to give you money? You know those replies of:
    • “I can’t afford that right now!”
    • “I need to speak to my husband”
    • “WOW, that is SO expensive!”


As I have mentioned, we cover EVERYTHING in Go Getters and money is definitely at the top of the list. My Go Getter girl’s confidently price their packages and ask for what they’re worth as a result. I want that for you as well… don’t you?


Go Getters Mentorship is officially open for applications.


I am actually launching Go Getters slightly different than I did last year and the benefits are endless:

  1. When you apply and are accepted before Nov. 21st 2016 you will receive $2000 off the regular price < yup! $2k!!!
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  3. I am also offering LIVE orientation calls in Nov. & Dec We will also discuss your money relationship, branding/messaging, and the CEO mindset.
  4. In addition, for those of you who would like the payment plan option you will have 14 months to pay for your mentorship versus 11!


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Still not sure?


By filling out the application there is no obligation – we will get on a call and you can ask me any questions you may have. I am looking for women who are not messing around in their businesses in 2017 – THIS IS YOUR YEAR!!! If that’s you, skip the app and let’s get on a call!


Let me know if you have any questions.

To Your Success!