What Comes Naturally Doesn’t Necessarily Come Easily

Ahh, for those of you who have given birth you know exactly what I am talking about.


There is truly nothing easy about birthing a child, yet EVERYONE and their mother talks about the body’s “natural” ability to become pregnant, nurture an unborn child, and then push that baby out of a 10 centimeter vagina!


REALLY?! How did this become the “natural” fate of us women?


Being a coach may seem natural to you. You chose this field and I am sure you love what you do – it comes naturally… but, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.


I hear all the time that content creation for people takes hours. The funny thing is, these people are writers by trade. They have written books, are English majors, and or have been blogging for years – but one blog post can take hours (check out my Conquer Your Content Mini Course to create content in less than 30 minutes).


I love speaking and getting in front of people to share awesome content. It comes naturally to me – always has, but it’s not necessarily easy. I do a ton to prepare for my speeches, live streams, challenges, and scopes. I can speak all day everyday, but when it comes to delivering awesome content, I need to take steps to prepare so that I can deliver quality to my people.


Running a business is a lot like birthing a child.


>>>It’s exciting to think about what your baby will look like. It’s exciting to think about what your business will look like.

>>>It’s a sacrifice like no other. It’s crazy to see the changes your body goes through, it transforms into a vessel for life and in many ways does not feel like yours anymore. Your business can do the same to your life. As you’re growing, time, money, energy, focus – it’s not your own anymore. Everything you do is for the greater good and in many ways you sacrifice a lot for the good of your business.

>>>It’s satisfying. There is no greater feeling than to hold your brand new baby for the very first time. I will NEVER forget that moment. The satisfaction you feel when you succeed in your business (both the big and the small wins) is such an exhilarating feeling as well.


So whatever it is you’re struggling with don’t judge it thinking, “What the hell, this comes naturally to me, why is this so hard?” It’s hard because you want it to be great for your people. You want to show up with pride. You want to share amazing content to help people be the best they can be.


It’s natural for you to want to help coach people to their greatness for sure. Easy… not so much!


If running our businesses were easy, I would imagine there wouldn’t be too many people doing what we do. We humans like the satisfaction of success. We get adrenaline from facing our fears, grinding, and struggling all the way to our success.


When you succeed in spite of a struggle it feels amazing. When you’re handed success on an easy platter… it feels blah!


On another note, if men were to give birth our human species would be in serious trouble.


I can accept childbearing being natural, but please don’t ever attach easy to that. Have you seen the video’s of men going through a simulated labor? If you want a good laugh click the image below, it’s pretty frigging hysterical.



To Your Success!