Where Are The Red Flags In Your Business?

My Father always said in order to be the best (at anything you do), you must be an “Ass Kicker”. What he meant is you can’t let anything hold you back… let nothing get in your way.


Easier said than done though – right?


Success, accomplishments, money – even for some, fame!  We want it… WE WANT IT ALL!


But yet for so many entrepreneurs there’s still something missing when it comes to really going for it.


I speak to women from all over the world. They are stuck, frustrated, and some downright hopeless but still when it comes to really going for it they simply can’t.


Fear, time, money – whatever it is that is holding them back, many of them keep staying right where they are, all the while hoping to be somewhere completely different in their entrepreneurial journey.


What does this look like for you?


When you reflect on this time last year – are you where you wanted and dreamed you’d be?


  • What have been some of your greatest successes?
  • Where do you still feel stuck?
  • How could you have allowed yourself to ‘go for it’ even more?
  • Is there still something holding you back?


Quite often those that don’t truly ‘go for it’ are stuck on the perpetual wheel of procrastination.


Procrastination tends to be considered a bad thing, especially when it comes to being an exceptional businesswoman…. ‘You can’t procrastinate and be successful – right?’


I would argue there’s a little procrastinator in all of us. But I would further that with this –

Procrastination is not an illness or some kind of terrible thing that makes you lazy or bad at what you do (or don’t do!). Procrastination in many ways is your heart and mind sending a clear message, a message of fear, self-doubt, and confusion.


Procrastination has become my red flag to a deeper awareness. In many ways it takes care of me – it helps me step back and take some inventory – ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’ type of thinking!


Some common red flags in your business may be:

  • Saying one thing and doing nothing about it
  • Wanting to be more visible but feeling confused as to how
  • Not believing in your possibilities
  • Lacking in a clear business plan, not knowing exactly what your 2017 will look like in wealth, time, and clients.
  • Ending the day and feeling as if you got nothing done.
  • Feeling uninspired

I could go on and on, and this will look differently for us all. But at the end of the day, no matter what the red flags are in your business it’s not so much that they exist as much as it matters how you handle them.


Are you allowing yourself to be aware?

Are you seeking guidance from someone who can actually help you?

Are you perpetuating the program by comparing yourself to others?


When you’re stuck in the comparison trap you’re preventing your greatness from shining. There will always be someone who is doing better than us online, but that doesn’t mean they ARE better than us. Maybe they’ve just allowed their true potential to be fully exposed?


If you truly want to be an “Ass Kicker” in your business and life you need to become keenly aware of the red flags in your business. The more aware you are of the root cause the more options you will have to actually do something about it.


You deserve to be an ass kicker in every way. So how?


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