With A Community Of Women Behind You Anything Is Possible

I could remember when I decided to take my business online.


I was excited.




And I quickly realized, pretty damn lonely.


I love hanging out with people. I love hearing stories, supporting people, and simply enjoying a good laugh.


Laptop’s simply don’t give you the same experience as a human connection does.


I went on to spend many years going it alone until I hired my business coach and entered into her year long mentorship with 24 other amazing women…some of which I am still really good friends with today.


Something happens in the human brain when you connect with like minded people, call it stimulation, inspiration, or high vibe energy – whatever it might be for you, for all of us it’s energizing.


Again, not something you can get out of a computer.


I started making in person events more of a priority in my business. Stepping out from behind the desk and more into those social gatherings.


I went to TEDx talks, Facebook for business events and entrepreneur masterminds in the City. Just recently I went to my first 2 day business retreat with Ivy Slater Success Coaching.

It was fantastic!


Women always amaze me. We can come into a room as complete strangers but leave as sisters for life.


We are so loyal, nurturing, inspiring, and the way we lift one another up – geez it’s like the best buzz ever!


When was the last time you came out from behind your desk?


Did you know there are local events all over the world for us amazing entrepreneurs?


If you’re feeling that Ho-Hum feeling it may be time to gather with your like minded entrepreneurial friends (the ones you may not even know yet) and get inspired.


You also never know who you will meet at these events. The collaboration opportunities are endless.


I went to my first in person business retreat (as an entrepreneur) in January of 2013 – The Best of Your Biz Retreat. As I sat there I thought, “I can do this, one day I am going to be invited to speak at this event.” I didn’t know how or when, I just knew that I would be up there one day speaking.


I am always so skeptical when people say things like that… I’m like “HOW, how the heck did you know?” It’s like love – you just know!


Well, last year on September 10th I made my debut and spoke on the power of Facebook for your online business.

This year I will be speaking again and of course I am super excited to share my knowledge on content creation and online sales… some of my favorite things!


I would love for you to join me. From now until June 30th you can grab a spot at the early bird discounted rate. Check out all the details here -> 2016 Best Of You Business Retreat


We will be in the heart of Asheville, NC which that alone is an amazing experience. Of course if you come, we will most certainly have to have a special meet-up – wine please!


After you grab your spot, be sure to send me your confirmation email and we’ll schedule a special meet-up on Saturday evening… dinner, drinks, and continued entrepreneurial talk!

Please email me with any questions at mare@maryalicegoldsmith.com


I am a strong believer in bringing like-minded people together. This can be a magical for your energy and your business.


If being behind the desk has like Ho-Hum break free girl and come be fed knowledge, entrepreneurial sisterhood, and support like you’ve never had before in your biz.


Hope to see you then!


To Your Success,