You are more than your excuses

There are moments in our lives when owning our power means we may ruffle a few feathers.


People may not like this new role you are choosing to take on.


They may feel slighted.


Some may feel ignored or even in competition with you finally living out your dreams… isn’t this one of the reasons it has taken so long for you to finally go for it?!


Quite often, we put our dreams on hold in order to live up to the expectations of others. We don’t want to cause trouble in our relationships. We don’t want to disappoint a loyal boss or take time away from other relationships in order to fulfill our dreams.


In many ways it feels selfish – to some, it absolutely is selfish.


But there comes a time in our lives when we need to own our destiny.


No more blaming timing.


No more blaming circumstance.


No more using others to prevent us from going where we want to go in this life. They are more than welcome to join us, but they can no longer be the excuse we use – no one has that kind of power over us, unless we relinquish it to them.


The only thing holding you back from where you are today and where you want to be is you.


Once you allow yourself to embrace your dreams, there is nothing that can hold you back.


Today, become aware of your excuses (I know this is not fun or easy). See how you are using people, places, and things to keep you where you are. Then start to come up with ways that you can give yourself permission to go after the things you want in this world. Baby steps – slow and steady is better than nothing right?